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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: bethvaughan



Analysis of three double page spreads and their connotations.

Double Page Spread Analysis Bethany Vaughan

House style Pink, Dark green, white, and black. Serif font. Keep a consistent look and ties the article Background of Heading looks like a green together curtain so reinforces the music genre and Main Image suggest performance. Makes the article appear less text heavy so not to put the reader off. The ELS allows image to show the whole band and what they are wearing. The image is dark so has a moody tone reinforced by the body language and dark clothing, props like the cigarette, and location used for the image. Caption Provides the reader with some information about the picture. Facing pages allows the full article to be displayed together. Headline the largest text on Drop cap brings a focus to the page and in pink to contrastover line Gives the beginning of the textSub heading gives the the green background. Shows a slightly more and causes it to appear audience a short the audience what the article is Detailed important and formal. summary to get summary of the article about. the audience to . read on. Pull-out quote Used to attract the reader by giving them and idea of what the article is about. Presented on a ripped up piece of paper highlights a semi formal tenor as it appears like a scrapbook, reinforcing the idea of memories conveyed by the presentation of the images as photographs. Text around image makes it appear to be on the page alongside the text rather than being part of the text. Alley separates the 3 columns causing it to not appear too text heavy so not to put the audience off. Images with drop shadow Provide the audience with more visual information to accompany the text. Presented as though they are old photographs and the shadow conveys the idea that they have been placed on the page. Connotes something memorable or significant in the picture while maintaining formality.

Headline pull Category highlights to the audience what the article is and gives another out quote gives entry point (the website) worn effect on the word news and use of red the audience makes it appear bold and rebellious. The category of news suggests that and idea of what it will inform the audience but the worn effect suggests that it will be in the content of an entertaining way. the article is . The Large serif text in black is bold and striking so is one of the first things the reader will see to catch their attention. The ellipsis highlight that there is further explanation if the audience has to read the article in order to know how the quote continues. The serif font and the gradient and blur around the quote s suggest that the article is informal so is for the audiences Over line provides a short summary of the article Drop cap brings attention to the entertainment to the audience so they know what the article is despite it about. The red translucent backgr0und to the text beginning of the article and suggests importance/ significance of the text. informing them and emboldened white writing attracts attention about Linkin and gives it a rebellious tone which is emphasised Makes it appear formal. Park. by it not being parallel to the bottom of the page. Main Image A3 causes the article to appear less text heavy so the audience is not put off and provides the audience with information other than text to attract them to read. The dark colours used in the clothing and the body language e.g. crossed arms suggest a rebellious attitude and the white back ground causes the band to stick out signifying their importance. They are all wearing casual clothing which suggests that the article is for entertainment rather than education although the news category does show that there will be some information within the article. Caption provides some information about the image for the audience. Facing pages allows the full article to be displayed together. Alleys separating 3 columns making the article appear less text heavy and easier to read so it attracts the audience.

Main Image large a3 image on a white background breaks up the article so it isn’t text heavy so the reader isn’t put off. The dark clothing causes the people to be in stark contrast to the background connoting importance which is reinforced by the men pointing to the woman suggesting she is the most important. The dress worn and the men in shirts and blazers suggests a formal attitude however the jeans and body language create a formal/casual feeling. The image gives visual information so would attract the audience. Category tells the audience what sort of article it is so they hove an idea of what it will contain. Drop cap brings attention to the beginning of the article and suggests importance/ significance of the text. Makes it appear formal. Advert for new album gives the audience another point of entry and makes more information available about the band. Facing pages allows the full article House Style is simple use of white, black to be displayed together. and red colours with serif font makes it appear bold minimalistic and sophisticated. Over Line gives a short summary of the content so the audience is aware of what it is about before reading. It doesn’t reveal too much information to cause the audience to continue reading and raises questions as they want to know how they are “ Stadium-tested” and more about the “Welsh Rockers” Headline attracts the audience as the text is larger than the main body text and gives the audience an idea of the tone and content of the article “The Joy Formidable” telling the audience immediately whom the article is about. The serif font causes the article to appear formal and the black text makes it striking against the background so it attracts attention and seems important. Caption gives some information about the picture and the band for the audience and inserts a joke creating a light hearted tone so the article isn’t all serious.

Ten Tips 1. 2. 3. KEEP TO THE HOUSE STYLE Use a large main image to provide visual information for the audience Break up text with alleys or use small amounts of text separated by pictures and other information so the article doesn't appear too text heavy to the reader. 4. Make sure the background image or text background is simple so it is easy to read. 5. Use of a serif font works well to create a sophisticated tone. 6. Pull out quotes are effective to break up text and attract the audiences attention 7. Over-lines are a good way to summarise the article to the audience to get their attention 8. Do not make an overly complicated layout, keeping it simple make it easier to read and the audience are more likely to engage. 9. Giving multiple points of entry encourages the audience to interact with the article. 10. Captions are useful to provide more information about images and can be used to give another point of energy like a website.

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