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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: Hanna1995xxx


Double page magazine spread

For my second ancillary task I needed to be able to create a double page spread this meant that I, needed to see how other double page spreads looked. There needed to be some similarity so that I, could say that I got the ideas from certain double page spreads. These are some of the double page spreads that I looked at.

Like most advertisements in magazines there is always a main image that has something to do with the advertisement of a programme e.g. the cast, the person in this case. The main photo is the main attraction and needs to be bold and stand out to grab the readers attention by making it memorable. This is done by it being a medium close up shot where you can see most of the person. The title is bold and in a catchy font. The title is one of the first things the reader will look at. It needs to look interesting. The aim of the title is to draw people in to read the article. The person who wrote it chose white to be on the black background this makes it stand out more as it can be clearly seen. They all have at least one secondary image which is smaller and stands out less this is for the readers to look at while they are reading the text. It still focuses on what the article is about, but it is less significant than the main image. The image here is smaller, and doesn’t draw your attention to it like the main image. It is a mid shot. On this double page spread that was advertised this had information on the DJ and what he does. The information needs to be short and sweet with enough information to interest the reader and think I’ll read the whole of this. The colour scheme of this is all dark colours. The preferred reading of this could be about the club this DJ works at indicating this is at night.

Having the sub heading as a rhetorical question makes the reader more interested. It makes them want to read more of the article to find out more about what is going on. Having it to the side of the title makes it stand out as it’s not being crowded by anything else. The main image on this one again is of a person this time it is a woman sitting with a guitar in her hand. This indicates to the readers already it will be to do with music. This time it is a long shot, but still catches the readers attention. Once again they have made sure that the title stands out they have used the colour white on a black background. One word title’s stand out more to the reader than a long title. The text is clear to see and again has the information that is important to what is being written about. By not having too much text it makes the reader less likely to flick past it, and go onto another magazine feature. The secondary colours on this double page spread they are small, but there is more than one. The readers are still able to get a preferred reading that it’s about music and they can see it’s about the same person. Again these are less significant like the last one I looked at.

Like the other two I have found white seems to be a popular colour for the title on coloured backgrounds. Again it is big and bold so people can see it easily. The title suggests this is for anyone who is having a hard time at the moment. The secondary images suggest that these are some of the ways the famous person was able to combat her blues, and is wanting to share the advice with others who may be going through a hard time. The main image stands out as it’s a long shot and show’s the woman’s whole body. It’s big enough to stand out to the audience, but small enough it doesn’t take too much of the space up. The colour scheme preferred reading could be seen that it goes with the title. As Red is seen to be a warm colour, and the reference of the blues suggest that in no time at all you will feel a bit more warm inside you. Having the black there as well suggests the last of the blues that need to be banished as it can be seen to be a dark and cold colour. Having the text spread around the page makes the double page spread look more interesting. This makes the reader more interested as it’s not just a block of text as some of them are. Sometimes with blocks of text it can be off putting for the readers.

The main image has two people in all the ones I have looked at so far have one person. This makes it interesting as it’s about two people not just one. It’s not as big as some of the others I have seen but it still stands out to me. On this Double page spread they don’t have a title, but have a sub heading. The sub heading suggests what the spread will be about. It doesn’t stand out as much as a title might so if readers didn’t know it was there they could easily flick through the magazine and go past it. The colour scheme on the double page spread suggests it will be a calm and light read as the colour purple is normally associated as being a calm and relaxing colour. The secondary images suggest that this is on one of their photo shoots, and is behind the scenes of what they do. The text this time has been put into columns, and has questions answered by the girls that have been asked by fans. By having them in columns it makes the writing be in an order that many people can recognise. It has a clear layout, and doesn’t have the text too crowded together.

What I took from these? By looking at all these different double page spread articles this gave me ideas when I, started to create my one for my radio play. I knew I needed the title to stand out, and there to be a subheading I, also recognized it needed colour, and pictures, the information shouldn’t have too much detail. Having a clear layout is also good as, the reader needs to be able to

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