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Information about Dot Net 串接 SAP

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: ltcrd


2014/3/3 Howard

 SAP  是歐洲最大的軟體企業,世界上最大的商業應用、企業資源規劃(ERP)解決方案和獨立軟體 的供應商,在全球企業應用軟體的市場佔有率高達三成以上  總部設於德國沃爾多夫。  德文:Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung  英文:systems applications and Products in Data Processing  通常 SAP 指的是 SAP 提供的 ERP 系統 ( SAP R/3 )

 是一個基於客戶/服務機結構和開放系統的、集成的企業資源計劃系統 ( ERP )。  其功能覆蓋企業的財務、後勤(工程設計、採購、庫存、生產銷售和質量等)和人力資源管理、 SAP業務工作流系統以及因特網應用鏈接功能等各個方面。  SAP R/3 is architecture of :  database  functional module  client graphical user interface (GUI)  respective hardware components

 RFC(Remote Function Call,遠程功能調用)  是SAP系統之間以及SAP與外部系統之間程序通信的基本接口技術,諸多其他更高層的SAP接 口和通信技術,如BAPI、ALE等,都是基於RFC實現的。  SAP所提供的外部接口包括:  程序通信接口(communication interface)、  文件I/O接口(file I/O interface)  數據接口(data interface)。  RFC位於程序通信接口中,以實現外部程序對 SAP 系統內部數據的訪問

 SAP .NET Connector 3.0 is the current version of SAP's development environment for communication between the Microsoft .NET platform and SAP systems.  This connector supports RFCs and Web services. It allows you to write different applications such as Web form, Windows form, or console applications in the Microsoft Visual Studio.Net.  With the SAP .NET Connector, you can use all common programming languages, such as Visual Basic. NET, C#, or Managed C++.

 Using the SAP .NET Connector you can:  Write .NET Windows and Web form applications that have access to SAP business objects (BAPIs).  Develop client applications for the SAP Server.  Write RFC server applications that run in a .NET environment and can be installed starting from the SAP system.

 Install SAPDotNetConnector3 nuget package  The SAP .Net Connector is a set of libraries that handle connections and abstractions between .Net Framework code and SAP BAPIs and RFCs.  Add reference:System.Web  Prepare Connection Settings        Name AppServerHost SystemNumber Client User Password Language

 Create RfcConfigParameters public class RfcConfigParameters : Dictionary<string, string> RfcConfigParameters configParams = new RfcConfigParameters(); configParams.Add(RfcConfigParameters.Name, opt.GetOptionArg("AppServerHost")); configParams.Add(RfcConfigParameters.AppServerHost, opt.GetOptionArg("AppServerHost")); configParams.Add(RfcConfigParameters.SystemNumber, opt.GetOptionArg("SystemNumber")); configParams.Add(RfcConfigParameters.Client, opt.GetOptionArg("Client")); configParams.Add(RfcConfigParameters.User, opt.GetOptionArg("User")); configParams.Add(RfcConfigParameters.Password, opt.GetOptionArg("Password")); configParams.Add(RfcConfigParameters.Language, opt.GetOptionArg("Language"));

 Create RfcDestination RfcDestination rfcdest = RfcDestinationManager.GetDestination(configParams);  Get RfcRepository RfcRepository rfcRepo = rfcdest.Repository;  Invoke RFC IRfcFunction personoutoaFun = null; personoutoaFun = rfcRepo.CreateFunction("ZOA_CALLSAP_RFC_NAME"); personoutoaFun.Invoke(rfcdest);  Get RFC Table IRfcTable personTable = personoutoaFun.GetTable(“OUTPUT_TABLE_NAME");

 Convert RFC Table To Data Table

 Wrapper library for the SAP .Net Connector 3.0.  Adapts existing api to a more friendly form for the .Net developers.  NSAPConnector tries to emulate an ADO.Net behavior and usage which is the most common way of dealing with database data in the .Net world.  NuGet  NSAPConnector_x86  NSAPConnector_x64

 有 input, output 資料夾  填寫 Request XML 參數,放到 input 資料夾中,  稍等幾分鐘,output 資料夾會產生 Response XML,即查詢結果

   

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