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Published on March 4, 2014

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You can easily update the look of your doors with some new and modern door furniture. This is why we’ve put together our Door Hardware Guide and infographic to help you make the right decision.

D003 HARDWARE W INFUGRAPHIC GUIDE The market oodedwithavariety Door is of Hardware ttings.Let&#39 take look themajor a at components see and which ttings are best foryour needs. Adoorknob around square but not aknob all. isusually or knob... may be at It may a"lever he handle" may a"handle whicha orit be set" is combination latch thumb / handle on used exterior doors. entry Consistskeyed ofa cylinder outside, apush on the and button lock the on inside. Wherebe to used Keyed entrance doorknobsgenerally onexterior ofthe are used doors Hall Closet Passage and or Non|ocking knobs. Door ------Where used tobe These doorknobsused closets, are on laundry orother rooms rooms that donotneed have privacy onthem. to a lock oorknobs Haspin on outside, apush lock the a hole the and button on inside. Wherebe to used Privacy doorknobsgenerally onbedrooms baths anywhere are used and or that privacy iswanted. Dummy are sided, ofa knob it knobs one kind fake as has working no parts. -------Where -tobe used Dummy are knobs usually onshallow doors used closet Designed doors, type hardware akey-operated for entry this of includes lock adeadbolt arectangularbox. and within metal * Single a uble Cylinder Deadbolts Deadbolts tosecurelythe with thick are used lock door a throw bolt isinserted thejamb. that into Available cylinder insingle and double versions. cylinder Other ofdeadbolts types include: 0 Single with Cylinder removable thumbturn 0 Classroom (thumb-turn door) Function only unlocks 0 Exit Function cylinder) Only (no external 0 Push-button Deadboit(mechanica| or electrical Wherebe ------------------------to used -40 Places security where ismuch needed and inside outside home. the E nce dleSet Ha i Ratherthanjustregular and havinga doorknob deadbolt on your door, not front why provide door some yourfrontwith elegancequality. sets available cylinder and Handleare with single or double dead or adummy cylinder bolts, as set. Wherebe to used For with safety elegance. To determine door you takelook the the size hinges need, a at grooves are into door door that cut your and frame. You need will to check Height. and Width Cornertype. 40 For cornered you need square grooves, will asquare-corner hinge. For acurved will either or corneryou need 1/4 5/8". THINGS TO CHECK BEFORE PURCHASING Door refers direction yourdoor Incorrect Handingto the in which swings. door can handing result being incorrect leversare down. the rule in locks in the side that upside Follow or below for handing: Duo, Inward Swings Lert -The are handing an hinges the left. Rhthd Tnerl' lg an lng lrrgeeare on the right. Door outward Swings Left reverse are hand -The hinges on left. the Rightreverse are hand -The anmegm hinges Before adoorknob the buying consider following: your Check backset, hole the bore size, bore and thickness door. cross size the ofyour The is distance backset ttre fromedge doorto tne orttre ttre of large centre bore tne hole. is large the hole where door is ttre actualknob inserted and mounted. is small tne hole edge door. on the drttre Stylel h Door and are hardware available of and choose that locks in variety a stylesnishes, amodel complements style as nishes your homes as the on well other hardware xtures. and light |fyoure the choosing hardware foran door, exteriorconsiderthelevel need security you or want. locksusually secure. entry some like Mortiseare the most For aglass door, people to install adoub|ecy|inderwith setup, deadbolt; this an intruderunlockthe the can't from door inside ifthey the even breakglass. www.ironmongeryon| SOU {(851 I tlttp://www nngtam/snop/buylnggurde/nornelrnprovement/ door-hardwarearld-locks-buylnggulde.html

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