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Published on January 28, 2014

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The framework : Digital marketing in practice (04/02/2014) by Hugues REY, Chief Executive Officer, HAVAS MEDIA BELGIUM
In 20 years, marketing has experienced a Copernican revolution. Kotler’s 4P’s and Pareto’s law have been put aside in favor of concepts such as the 5C’s, the "long tail", the Cluetrain Manifesto,… Nice theories! But on the practical side, what are the day-to-day challenges for a marketer in 2014?

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital 20  years  of  Digital  Marke8ng Age  de  raison  ou  de  passion  ? Hugues  Rey  -­‐    March  2013

Agenda  or  Bingo  ? Bounce   (Rate)
 Big  Data Crowd
 Sourcing SoLoMo 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital Long  Tail Dwell  
 (Rate) Cloud   Compu8ng Gamifica8on Media   Meshing Mash  Up Cookie Freemium 2

Agenda • Digital  Marke2ng   10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital – Defini8on   – A  Few  Facts:  Brief  History  &  Major  Trends     • Digital  Marke2ng  Strategy   • Tac2cal  Opportunity:  Data  Management   • Conclusions 3

Marke2ng  ... 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital is the process of communicating ! the value of ! a product or service to customers.! Wikipedia 4

Digital... 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital is most commonly used in computing and electronics, especially ! where real-world information is converted ! to binary numeric form! Wikipedia 5

A  simple  Rule  ... • Useful  ?   10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital ! • Usable  ??   ! • Used  ??? 6

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital Digital  Marke2ng   A  Few  Facts 7

Keep  1  fact  ... 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital 8

Happy  Birthday  ! 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital 9

Sources : CIM PMP 2001-2012 Internet total reach has more than doubled to reach 69% of the 12+ in 2012 Total  reach  of  Internet  Websites 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital

Distribu2on  of  Worldwide  Internet  Audience   The  US  is  no  Longer  the  Centre  of  the  Online  Universe      34%   Outside US      87%   Outside US          Latin                                Middle   America                      East - Africa          8%                                9%          North   America        14%        Asia   Pacific      42% Europe    27% 66% 13%   ! ! !  2012 1996 © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore MMX, December 2012, Worldwide 15+, 6

Total Unique Visitors (000) Online  Audience  Across  Europe   15%  of  Europe’s  408  Million  Internet  Users  are  in  Russia   ! ! ! © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore MMX, December 2012, Europe 15+ 2,598 3,336 3,476 3,772 4,743 5,027 5,034 6,371 6,404 12,006 19,350 22,410 23,917 28,722 39,357 43,021 52,448 61,345                                                                              Russia’s  internet  audience  grew  15%  since                                                                       December  2011  and  reached  a  new                                                                                milestone:  over  61  million  internet  users 9

Engagement  Across  EU  Audiences   In  the  UK,  Average  Online  Hours  per  Person  Increased  5%  Year  over  Year Average Hours per Visitor United Kingdom 37.3                                        Turkey                      Netherlands                                        Poland                                    Finland                                        France                                      Europe   Russian Federation                                  Norway                            Germany            Spain      Belgium      Sweden    Portugal   Denmark          Ireland                  Italy                                             31.0                                          30.6                                  29.3                        27.8                      27.7                  26.9            26.1    24.9   24.6                                  23.8                              22.4                        22.0                20.6                20.6        19.5   Belgium saw the strongest   growth of time spent per   visitor across Europe.   Users spent an additional   2 hours online compared   to a year ago. 18.5 Switzerland 16.6 Austria 14.4 © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore MMX, December 2012, Europe 15+ 10


Heavy  surfers   s2ll  consume  other  media 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital Heavy  surfers  are   also  bug  consumers   Cinema,  Outdoor  &   Press

Multiple screens x Convergence of content X Individual cast

Content Portability

Time  of  use    any2me 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital 94  % 86  % 87  % 88  % 89  % 88  % Smart  phone 83  % 72  % 67  % 69  % 53  % 48  % 44  % 53  % 55  % 51  % 42  % 41  % 38  % From  6-­‐9h Portable  computer 70  % 62  % Fixed  computer 58  % 58  % 9-­‐12h Source  :  Online  Publishers  Associa8on  –  March  2011 36  % 12-­‐14h 14-­‐17h Tablet 17-­‐20h 20-­‐24h

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital 21

66 %

> 1% of the campaigns …

Smart TV • Eric Schmidt: “By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded in it” 24

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital Major  Trends   SoLoMo     Web  X.0   Web  of  the  Objects 25

Based on the data from participating countries, 
 we make the following assumption. inter n d billio the worl 2 in sers net u illion >1 b 7 billion People in the w orld users etwork cial n So

In Europe, 50% is member of only 1 social network, mostly Facebook.

Twelp Force: CuCa

2 out of 3 employees 
 is proud about their employer, but only 19% shares stories on 
 social media: unused conversation potential. !29

Customers want to be involved with companies. Bring them in 
 the boardroom to improve the relationship. N CO-CREATIO 44% CONVERSATIONS 44% BRA 33% ND FAN DIRE INTERA CT CTION 43%

New  currencies  ! 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital

Social • Not  Facebook  Only   • Impacts  on  all  ac2vi2es  of  Enterprise   – Change  Management   • A  Tool,  not  «The»  Objec2ve   •  KPI’s  are  s2ll  to  be  fixed     • Connect  with  the  real  world   10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital


Smartphone Penetration in EU5 at 57%   64% of UK Mobile Owners Use a Smartphone 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital 64% December 2012 was   the first month all   European countries   crossed the 50%   mark for smartphone   penetration. 51% 53% 53% 57%    EU5   Average 66% © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore MobiLens, 3 month average ending December 2012, EU5, 13+ 15

Device Share of Page Views Across Countries in Europe   Nearly 1/3 of UK Page Views are from Mobiles and Tablets 65% United Kingdom Ireland Russian Federation 70% 75% 80% 68.1% 85% 90% 24.0% 71.4% 95% 6.8% 21.8% 74.8% 5.6% 21.7%                Norway   Netherlands    Switzerland                    Finland                    Austria                Sweden            Denmark                                Italy            Germany        Spain   Belgium      France 86.4%   86.5%   91.0%      91.9%        92.3% Portugal 3.4%      7.3%          6.2%   5.2%   8.1%            7.9%              5.2%                    7.9%                   4.3%                            7.9%                     3.5%                              7.2%                     3.7%                          5.8%                  4.7%                                  6.7%                     3.5%                                  5.6%              3.3%    6.2%        2.3%   3.4%   4.3%          4.6%        2.6%  86.6%        87.6%            88.5%              89.0%                89.3%                  89.6%                     90.2% 94.0% Poland   Turkey 3.8% 95.7%    96.2% PC © comScore, Inc. 100% Proprietary. Mobile 2.1% 3.2% 1.0%   2.3% 1.5% Tablet Other Source: comScore Device Essentials, December 2012, Europe – Share of browser based page views 16

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital 37

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital 38

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital 39

Augmented Reality … is the zero click interface" (Anselm Hook)

Augmented X-Ray App Boosts Retailer’s Sales by 37% 9

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital 42

Mobile • • • 30% Smarphones Users • • Save Time vs Waste Time Look behind the I-Phone Mobility vs. Usability - Think about the consumer, not the device Connect with the Real World

12% of smartphone 
 owners is using location 
 based services. !44

Coca-cola village Connect Real & Social World !46

Local • • • • Issue Solving and/or Entertainment Close to mobile DOOH/Stunt Connected with the real live !

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital X.0. 48

Web 3.0 Web x.0 Semantic / Objects Web Meta Web Web 1.0 Web 2.0 The Web Social Web Degree of Social Connectivity

Web 2.0 was/is about participation Portable, personal web, focused on the individual, on 
 lifestream, on consolidating content, and which is 
 powered by widgets, drag and drop, and mash-ups of user engagement. cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Mykl Roventine:

“Web  2.0”  ?  –  6  Rules  ! Harnessing  the  collec8ve  intelligence Lightweight  programming  models  (Mash  Up,...) Unique,  hard-­‐to-­‐recreate  data  sources   Above  the  level  of  single  device The  web  as  plahorm Leveraging  the  long  tail  through  customer  self-­‐service


I  tunes  &  the  long  tail 
 How  big  ?  5  billion  in  2010  …   10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital This  is  no  rumor,  because  Apple  has  just  announced  that  iTunes   Store's  customers  purchased  and  downloaded  more  than  5  billion   songs,  while  the  iTunes  Store  also  has  the  largest  music  catalog   online,  with  over  8  million  tracks.  Even  more,  the  iTunes  Store  is   now  ren8ng  over  50,000  movies  daily,  turning  it  into  the  most   popular  movie  store,  too,  with  a  catalog  of  over  20,000  TV  episodes,   over  2,000  films,  of  which  over  350  are  available  in  HD  quality.

In 15 years, Amazon went from 1 category (books) to 16 main categories LIMITLESS INVENTORY

Amazon began with books… Competition Market was large and 
 fragmented. Contrary to the 
 concentrated music industry, no player would have the power to freeze 
 out a new entrant. Source: Robert Spector, Get Big Fast (2002) Product Search A book does not have to 
 be accurately described: it is a universal and 
 simple object. Search would make it 
 easy for customers to 
 find books among the entire database. Book distributors were already exchanging 
 digitalized listing. Amazon repeatedly appears first on Google‟s 
 results page.

Example Kindle: A service, not a device “The vision for Kindle is every book ever in print in any language - all 
 available in less than 60 seconds.” Jeff Bezos Amazon struggles with publishers to implement its 
 vision: • Lowering prices, even if it requires temporarily selling at a loss • Increasing selection: 900,000 books available • Pressuring them with Print on Demand and auto-publishing Like iTunes, it is a seamlessly integrated ecosystem. 
 Amazon wants to become a one-stop shop: • Kindle‟s 3G chip • Access to the ebook catalog through the Kindle or the apps Even if the Kindle is the best device to read for a long 
 time, it is more of a platform than a device: • A device-agnostic experience thanks to mobile and desktop 
 application (Whispersync1) • A streamlined interface and user experience dedicated to 
 reading on many devices 1 Whispersync enables a seamless synchronization of the reading progress and bookmarks across devices. Icons from Oxygen.


Spotify – Freemium

 Au second trimestre 2011, 51 % de la musique dématérialisée a été consommée sur Internet contre 49 % en téléchargement.

Un Suédois sur neuf paie un abonnement à Spotify : avec la même proportion, nous pourrions retrouver des ventes à un niveau antérieur à la crise. ! Il y aura donc 3 formes de diffusion de la musique numérique: ! 1.L’achat à la carte, type iTunes, 2. L’accès à travers l’abonnement simple (Spotify) ou couplé (Deezer-Belgacom) 3. La gratuité financée par la publicité.

Crowd Sourcing Lego Builders of Infinity

New horizons Web 3.0 refers to a third generation of internet-based 
 services that collectively allow the emergence of the Objects / Semantic web. cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by paul (dex):

Smart Device + Social Sharing


Internet  of  Things 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital 67

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital Digital  Marke2ng  Strategy 68

From  4  P’s  to  4  E’s Product Place Price Promotion 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital Experience Everyplace Exchange Evangelism 69

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital Paid Owned Earned 70


In advertising we trust.
 Or not?

So, forget paid media? 19% 59% ü Control ! ! ü Control ! ! 22% ü No control à negative can be ! ü Expensive ü Cost efficient ü Cost efficient ü Wide audience (reach!) ü Often limited to customers ü No control, but crucial in the purchase cycle ! Source : POE Research 2012 by Havas Media ! !

Owned:  Everything  is  Media  !

O 33 %

Offline brand 
 experiences are 
 the main online conversation starters. !76

Earned  Media 19 % DE L’IMPACT 


...close  to  THE  Decision  Cycle  Process         2 Paid Past  +  actual  campaigns Owned •Website  +  Branches Earned •WOM/Peers  +  Social  Media     Consumers  add  or  substract  brands  as   they  evaluate  what  they  want.   Ac5ve  evalua5on   1 Paid •SEO+SEA+  campaign Owned •Website  +  Branches Earned • WOM  /  Peers  +  Social  Media         3 Informa5on  gathering,  shopping The  consumer  considers  an  ini5al  set  of   brands,  based  on  brand  percep5ons  and   exposure  to  recent  touch  points. Ul5mately,  the  consumer  selects  a   brand  at  the  moment  of  purchase. Loyalty  loop Ini8al  Considera8on   Set Cross  selling  via  Owned   • Website • Customer  Care • POS       Trigger Postpurchase  experience   Ongoing  exposure   Owned • Website • Customer  Care • POS Earned       4 AFer  purchasing  a  product  or  service,  the   consumer  builds  expecta5ons  based  on  experience   to  inform  the  next  decision  journey. Moment     of     purchase   Product   Owned •Website    +  branches   =>  customer  care  

Convergence! 1/ Owned media drives earned media

Abercrombie & Fitch Owned media drives earned media

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch Dedicated # on Instagram

Abercrombie & Fitch Search « Abercrombie Model » in Pinterest

Abercrombie & Fitch Dedicated tweets

Abercrombie & Fitch

Burberry The physical POS inspired by the digital retail space (rather than vice versa)


Convergence! 3/ Paid Ads Work Harder with Social

Nike No Cup is Safe Posted 16 days ago!

The first 6 steps to successful converged media (paid, owned, and earned) 1/ Understand converged media 2/ Plan a stable foundation 3/ Evaluate ability to achieve earned at scale 4/ Align teams and departments 5/ Align agencies and vendors 6/ Sync content and creative across channels (“finding your voice” - Chris Anderson, editor in chief of WIRED magazine)

Monoprix’s POE Challenge : A ‘3D’ implementation
 On ne dit pas “je vais faire les courses”, on dit “je vais chez Monop”.
 The Idea The Challenge How  to  generate  the  best  earned  of   O ? Step  1:  Owned  Media A  powerful  repackaging  of  the   private  label  products the  distribu8on  market P Step  2:  Paid  campaigns     Capitalizing    on  the  packaging OOH Print E Step  3:  Earned  Media Buzz  around  Owned  and  Paid   Sustained  by  an  ac8ve  community   management   Exclusive  offers  for  Fans OOB

Monoprix’s POE Challenge : A ‘3D’ implementation
 On ne dit pas “je vais faire les courses”, on dit “je vais chez Monop”.
 ! ! The Results 69k  fans  (compared    to  4k  for  Auchan  and  Leclerc)   Qualita8ve  verba8m  on  Facebook  and  influent  blogs   The  highest  earned  consumer  percep8on  of  the  market

Monoprix’s POE Challenge : A ‘3D’ implementation
 On ne dit pas “je vais faire les courses”, on dit “je vais chez Monop”.

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital Tac5cs Data  Management  Opportunity 98

Objec8ves  &  Related  KPI’s E-­‐Acquisi5on  /  Promo   • Recruit  :  E-­‐Prospects  /  e-­‐Leads  /    (Loyal)  e-­‐Customer  /     • People  who:  Buy  /  Ask  for  Appoinment  /  Ask  Info  /  Look  for  Dealer   • Conversion  Rate,    Repeated  Visits,  C/Conversion,  leads BRAND  EQUITY Engagement   • Let’s  live  a  full  Digital  (and  more)  experience     •  Brand  Ambassador,  Advocacy,  Story  Tellers,  Influencers   • Time    spent,  Dwell    (Rate  /  Time),  Virality,  Repeated    Visits Brand/Communica5on  Values  Building   • Communicate    in  the  most    balanced  &  impressive  way   • Customers,  (Non)  Users,  Target  Group   • Cov.,  OTS,  Affinity,  Context,  Impact,  Click,  Interac8on

E-­‐metrics  –  linked  to  objec8ves

Big  Brother  ?  Cookie  ! • Micro  file   – Chain  of  characters   ! ! ! • Allows  to  keep  informa8on  about  a  browser   – Browser  =  +/-­‐  surfer   • Accepta8on  rate   – Variable  but  for  metriweb  =  98%   • Webver8sing  in  Belgium   – Metriweb  –  Unique  visitors  /  Duplica8on  /   Accumula8on   – Ad  Server  –  Frequency  capping

The  last  ad  vs  Reality The “Last Ad” Standard   The Reality   – – Campaigns reach consumers multiple times, across multiple channels, over extended periods of time   Last Ad Clicked Last Ad Viewed Banner Yahoo Rich Media & Sponsorship MSN Banner CNet Banner Sky Sports Search Google $ $ $ $ $ $

Dynamic  retarge8ng  :  concept Data  collect Strategy Products  data  collect   Choice  of  the  relevant  strategy   ! 1  Products  consulted    (thanks  to  a  cookie)   ! We  memorize  the  products  of  the   users  browsing  /  surfing  on  the  the   partners  sites 
 2  Similar  products  to  the  products   consulted  or  placed  in  the  basket    page   of  the  site   3  Complementary  products  to  the   product  purchased Diffusion Campaign  delivery   ! When  the  concerned  users  go  on   our  network,  the  customized  ads   are  shown  to  the  relevant  users.  

Dynamic  retarge8ng  :  scenarios Product  recall The  user  has  seen  a  46cm    TV  on  the    site Recommenda5ons The  user  has  placed  the  TV  in  the   basket  page  but  has  not  bought  the   product. 500€ We  personalized  the  banners  by     showing  the  products  previously   consulted  by  the  user. 300€ We  personalize  the  banners  with  the   highlight    in  the  banners  of    the     products  from  the  same  category  (TV   size,  price,  brand,  etc…) Cross  selling The  user  has  bought  a  46cm  TV 100€ We  personalize  the  banners  by   highligh8ng  addi8onal  products     In  this  case,  it  could  be  a  DVD  player   or  surround  sound  system. 104

Mul8-­‐criteria  op8miza8on

10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital Conclusions 106

Main  Challenge   Manage  an  always  Larger  Pale.e 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital

Conclusion  -­‐  «3»  rules 10  lundis   pour   ra.raper  le   train  du   digital • 3  minutes   – Reputa8on   ! • 3  months   – Sales   ! • 3  years   – Brand   108

Time  4  sharing +  32  /  496  26  06  88     Messenger:  hugues@live     Mail:   Blog:  /  Foursquare:  huguesrey   SlideShare:  Yugs13   Linkedin:  h.p://

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