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Published on November 15, 2007

Author: Burnell


NJ Turnpike – Transport Pathways on the NY Bight:  NJ Turnpike – Transport Pathways on the NY Bight Donglai Gong, Robert Chant, Scott Glenn, Josh Kohut, John Wilkin Study objectives:  Study objectives Extend LaTTE study in time & space Virtual LaTTE experiment using coastal observatory ? RUCOOL Codar Current & NOAA Winds: 2005:  RUCOOL Codar Current & NOAA Winds: 2005 CODAR Mean 2005 Wind Direction Histograms (> 5 m/s) unstratified stratified Mean Fields:  Mean Fields Strong S Wind (stratified) Strong NE Wind (stratified) Weak Wind LaTTE Virtual Dye Experiment:  LaTTE Virtual Dye Experiment Initial plume locations identified in satellite ocean color Virtual tracers deployed in hybrid CODAR field 50 tracers released each day in April Tracers tracked through June 1 Trajectories from 4 release days will be shown Wind from NOAA 44025 during LaTTE 2005:  Wind from NOAA 44025 during LaTTE 2005 Variable wind, seabreeze dominated:  Variable wind, seabreeze dominated Check out posters by E. Hunter & L. Bowers! Evidence for Coastal Jet Pathway:  Evidence for Coastal Jet Pathway Moorings ADCP Ship Transect Satellite Ocean Color: MODIS RGB Drifters Upshelf Long Island pathway (S wind):  Upshelf Long Island pathway (S wind) Evidence – Long Island Pathway:  Evidence – Long Island Pathway Bosch et al. Near coast innershelf transport (N wind):  Near coast innershelf transport (N wind) Slide12:  Glider Section Endurance Line May 17-24, 2005 Salinity Temperature WRF Wind WRF Fields for NY Bight:  WRF Fields for NY Bight Bowers et al. (OS35J-02) NE Wind (4/16) S Wind (4/17) Before & After – NE to S wind shift:  Before & After – NE to S wind shift Eddy Highway NJ Turnpike – Cross-shelf HSV pathway:  NJ Turnpike – Cross-shelf HSV pathway Evidence - Ship transects:  Evidence - Ship transects Coastal Jet HSV Plume R/V Hatteras Surface Salinity Evidence – Glider transects:  Evidence – Glider transects Salinity Salinity HSV Conclusions:  Conclusions Virtual Dye Paths History 5 transport pathways out of NY Bight apex (LI, NJ coastal jet, inner shelf, midshelf & outer shelf) transport pathways depend strongly on wind history virtual dye study result consistent with remote sensing, glider and ship observations results insensitive to the magnitude of velocity dispersion surface circulation wind driven, but also affected by interaction with topography future work:  future work implement higher order advection schemes quantify the frequency of each pathway calculate particle flux through each pathway sensitivity to different coastal boundary conditions unstratified season experiment dynamics of eddy & highway comparison with model Sensitivity to Velocity Dispersion:  Sensitivity to Velocity Dispersion 10 cm/s 1 cm/s Conclusions:  Conclusions surface circulation wind driven modulated by background flow and topography 4 transport pathways on the NY Bight identified depending on wind history codar tracer study consistent with remote sensing and ship in-situ observations Shelf valley plays a role tracer study summary:  tracer study summary wind, bathymetry & background flow are drivers of tracer advection wind history determines the path of the tracer several transport pathways from bight apex coastal jet cross shelf offshore highway along Long Island coast nearshore along isobath Virtual tracer study validated by measurement using other methods tracer advection not sensitive to velocity dispersion future work:  future work better understand the circulation physics on the bight esp. on synopic scale what happens to the shelf water once it leaves NY Bight? modeling compare data with model outputs subsurface events incorporate satellite and glider data in our study expand study to all years with data acknowledgements:  acknowledgements RUCOOL: Scott Glenn, Bob Chant, Josh Kohut, Hugh Roarty, Jen Bosch, Eli Hunter, John Wilkin Work supported by NSF, ONR Special thanks to mom & dad todo list 20060215:  todo list 20060215 clean up figures kill tracers on land add tracer movie back of envelope vorticity calculation beef up temporal context?

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