Don'ts of Table Manners

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Published on February 12, 2014

Author: agashe



Some simple table manners that we often overlook

Don'ts of Table Manners By Urbanista Image Consulting LLP Picture Courtesy:

Picture courtesy:

Chewing with your mouth open or talking with food in your mouth is not appreciated. Picture courtesy:

Slurping, smacking, blow ing your nose or making any other unpleasant noises while having food is a big NO NO. Picture Courtesy:

Holding a utensil like a shovel. You want to eat food not to dig it Picture Courtesy:

Picking your teeth at the table – or, even worse flossing Picture courtesy:

Failing to place your napkin on your lap or not using it at all Picture courtesy: Picture courtesy:

Taking a sip of a drink while still chewing food (unless you’re choking) - bad manners Picture courtesy:

Picture Courtesy : Cutting up all your food at once is not a good thought

Picture Courtesy: Talking on phone while having food

Slouching over your place setting or leaning on your elbows while eating Picture courtesy:

Executing the boarding house reach rather than asking someone to pass you something that’s far away Picture Courtesy:

Excuse me Picture Courtesy: Leaving the table without saying “excuse me”

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