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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: Seleznev


Don’t you want to use traffic that actually converted to the sell? Making Money from home is easy!: Don’t you want to use traffic that actually converted to the sell? Making Money from home is easy! In the world of internet, marketing marketers have some problems when it come to the traffic. They do not know how to test these things. How spend their money on ads efficiently? If they do not answer on these questions, they will lose all money and its bad news for them. Today I will explore the successful model of testing traffic and how you can get to the top marketer and do not lose all money! So visit today my project here and learn more about online business Also in this article, you will see few cool ideas about traffic sources that actually convert that my mentor share with team. This source have so much traffic that you will forgot about all stuff that you are actually learn about marketing. You will learn how to get in 10, 000, 000 list of your potential customers that actually will buy your stuff only today after this article. I will show you how making money from home more simple and efficient ways. Let’s do this! I want to share some things, when it come to the traffic. PowerPoint Presentation: REMEMBR!  Before you are gat the traffic, you should great the funnel that resonate with people. (See this article >>>    Advanced Traffic & Conversion – Part 2, Earning Money Online ) 1. I would do the Test with 3 different traffic channels. The easiest one are Solo ads, PPC, Banners Media. Many people put money into many traffic sources and they spent all money quickly. However , for my case I have focused only on 3 at the same time. No MORE! You can focused in one source. I want to get solo ads automated and then go to another traffic source. If you will tried some exclusive rights to the solo ads, for example, I want to order the next month and the next month like in schedule, you should to negotiate with unique price for you. In addition, you have to use custom landing page that different from others hundreds of others marketers. If you have strong funnel you will crush your competitors. Remember you should go first in small scale when it works great than go to the bigger scale. I don’t know how to get key resource that I want?: I don’t know how to get key resource that I want? 2. Optimize funnel for higher opt-in rate (if needed). Custom landing page Easy Landing Page Pro2, this stuff create very cool LP. With this stuff, you could play with different LP and test it . this stuff also create some cool LP for you. :  3. If this two approach work great, I go to another level. I will buy some Intermediate Banner Networks. (See full version How to deal with Banner Network like a professional marketer  CLICK HERE !) 4. When everything are working and you are getting leads. You have to tune this setup and make everything that will work in harmony. I choose products that have big market and big competition. Therefore, I choose Empower Network, because they have big market, very cool products and people buy all their stuff. However, how you can difference from others? First , you should use Pro marketer funnel. (See this article). Remember competition is your FRIEND! When I have good opt-in rate, at least 40%, I go further. Learn How to create own LP, because in many networks have different rules and restrictions. For example, if you are using banners, your LP should be look the same like mirror of the banner that people click in somebody site. You should have the same massage that you have in banner. If there is disconnect, you could lose people. There is the same example in solo ads, if have you send not congruent message in email, you will lose people in opt-in page. PowerPoint Presentation: If you have conflicted massage in your site, you will have no sign ups in opt-in page. Now I will setup  Retargeting  for all winning campaigns. ( you will setup your campaign in retargeted, when your page is converting for your (at least 40%). This service like retargeting, you have able to save IP-address that click to your banner and then follow up in different medias and sites what where he or she go, all ads that you are tune in Facebook and others source will show up to this people that you have their IP-address. PowerPoint Presentation: When you have winning campaign that have up to 40% opt-in rate. Go to retargeting site and contact them that you want to start campaign and say them “can you help me to setup my campaign properly “ and they will help you. 5. Go to => you have to pull phone number and using FB PPC network base on phone number that you have already. Who do you thing who is the perfect subscriber? Maybe he or she comes from PPC network, from JV, from solo Ad, How do you thing? The best lead is who purchase the similar product that you are offering. He is previous buyer. I will pay three time much more to get this buyer in my list. If you can come into buyers list, you would dictate how much you want to earn. Its super milliner TIPS that I used in my system of making money from home. PowerPoint Presentation: Many super guru are promoting in TV and sell some business books to their customers, after that this gurus give the email and other info of people who bought their stuff to the However, I do not know why they do this, but it’s very cool site that we can take some leads that have already bought some similar stuff. For example in search box, we type this words “business opportunity”, this site have 60,000 mailing list. You can type them relevant inexpensive. We can send them the email but it may be costly. Also, use this information for Facebook ads. On this site you can find different size of list from 100 thousands to 10-12- million subscribers!!! It’s AWOSEME! I will target this leads more efficiently, and I will contact to the broker and talk them answer, “Show me the list of people how buy some similar stuff that I promote is earning money online, staring business in online in last 60 and 90 days and spent at least 50 or 100 dollars”. Then I will see what they have. I can send them the direct email, or I can get phone numbers. Then I go to the FaceBook and target your leads buy phone numbers. You have phone number of the leads that you have already buy from the broker. I will pay for the ads only when this people click to my ads or see. I want to show you some ninja stuff that I want to share with you that you can making money from home more easily! PowerPoint Presentation: 6. CPA Traffic. You can go the google and type this stuff to know more. The whole ideas that is CPA Network that others marketers are promoting your LP or offer. If you want to get to CPA networks you should be polite and friendly that you can actually promoted your stuff. PowerPoint Presentation: I wane pay 2 dollars on this case only for doable opt leads in CPA Network; people who confirm their subscription by email. In addition, you can put here Retargeting and FB PPC. (CPA Traffic + Retargeting + FB PPC) However, this technics works when people go to your LP, on this page you will install retargeting pixel, but also you will retarget people who do not subscribe to you list. In retargeting, you will pay only for people who visited your LP twice. There are too many traffic and its mind-blowing things! What is making profit to you is the funnel, if you create winning funnel and you know your metrics and costumer value for the first 60 or 90 days, you can making many as much as you want. We can do something big, (read the first article go   HERE !). What we can make that make bigger difference in the world. On the next article, I will write more details about how to setup properly funnel that actually converted. People always buy visions and dreams; you will never worry again about money at all, if you will use this concept. I hope this article was very useful for you, and you have learned something new, please put your comments below on comments section and write what do you like, and what do you want to see more? PowerPoint Presentation: This entire thing I have implemented on my business and make hundred dollars per month!   CLICK HERE TO KNOW ABOUT MORE! Advanced Traffic & Conversions Part 1 or How to earn money online more efficiently? Advanced Traffic & Conversion Part 2, Earning Money Online So visit today my project here and learn more about online business

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