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Published on March 5, 2014

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Don’t recycle, reuse
Find more uses for paper for less consumption
For all your office supply needs:-

Don’t recycle, reuse Find more uses for paper for less consumption

The concept of ‘reuse’ • Recycling is already familiar to most of us. It is more preferable than simply throwing away or incinerating paper, but reusing is better. • Recycling takes energy and is a drain on the environment. • Reusing is to repurpose each sheet of paper, ensuring that every part of it is spent well before finally crumpling or feeding it to the shredder.


Paper actually has two sides • Most people only print or write on one side of the paper before throwing it away. • Cut half the cost of your office’s paper purchases and help to conserve paper by enforcing a ‘Use Both Sides’ policy for all employees.

Don’t print stuff in the first place • Stop printing emails. They are mostly intended for quick reads and quick responses. If you need to print to read them outside the office, send them to a tablet or smartphone instead. • Take advantage of electronic communication and document storage methods such as IMs, emails and cloud-based drives to share and send documents instead of printing them.

Turn your pad upside down and back to front • Most of us often use up only one side of our notepad and write on its right side. • Instead of throwing a pad that’s full on the front side in the bin, turn it over and start writing from the back and get double the amount of scrawling done!

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