Don’t Get Faked Out: 9 Must Know Vasectomy Facts

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Information about Don’t Get Faked Out: 9 Must Know Vasectomy Facts

Published on March 14, 2016

Author: DuPageMedicalGroup


1. fan following Vasectomy, the common name for male sterilization, is the most common non-diagnostic operation performed by urologists in the US. finished building YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM & READY TO RETIRE? Learn why a vasectomy might be the right play for you & your spouse. 2 Blocked Shot Intended to be a permanent form of contraception, vasectomy is a very effective birth control method (99.85%). 3cinderella story Reversal is possible, but difficult. If you decide to father a child, success depends on several factors, including length of time since the procedure was performed & scarring. 1 4home court advantage A no-scalpel vasectomy is an in-office procedure where a single tiny opening is created. The tubes can then be blocked by cu ing, cauterizing & tying off each end. 5double dribble Vasectomies are not immediately effective. To avoid unintended pregnancy continue birth control methods until a semen analysis confirms sterility. 6breakaway Vasectomy is a safer, less costly (about 1/4 cheaper) procedure that causes fewer complications com- pared to tubal ligations in women. 7no harm, no foul According to the Journal of Urology, a vasectomy does not place patients at higher risk for prostate cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, dementia or testicular cancer. 8back on the court Men generally can resume intercourse within two weeks of vasectomy. Testos- terone production a er the procedure, either in the short term or for the rest of your life, does not change. 9a slam dunk 80- 100% of vasectomized men would recommend the procedure to others. For many men, having a vasectomy may make sense. Talk to a DMG urologist to see if a vasectomy would be right for you.

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