Don’t Get Caught with An Out of Support MS SQL Server…

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Published on March 16, 2016

Author: Hostingdotcom


1. 1 Ending SQL Server 2005’s Life…an Upgrade Story

2. • This webinar is being recorded and an on- demand version will be available at the same URL • Please submit questions (via the button on your screen)! I will answer at the end or via e-mail • You can find related resources, including a link to our Cloud Readiness Assessment page, via the “Attachments” button • On Twitter? Join the conversation: @HOSTINGdotcom, @Ntirety 2 Housekeeping

3. • Microsoft Support End of Life • Feature Additions/Enhancements • Performance Enhancements • Consolidation / Migration • Application Vendor Requirements • High Availability / Disaster Recovery Features (AlwaysOn) 3 Why Upgrade SQL Server 2005?

4. It was a major release and had many enhancements from SQL Server 2000 including: • New security features with schemas and encryption • Reporting Services • Common Language Runtime • Service Broker • SMTP Mail Support • SQL Server Integration Services • Database Mirroring 4 I Loved SQL Server 2005…In 2005

5. • AlwaysOn Availability Groups • New Reporting Services and Power BI features • In Memory Optimized Tables • Column Store Indexes • Dynamic Data Masking • Stretch Database • JSON Support • Always Encrypted • Polybase and Big Data • Query Store 5 But…Now I Love SQL Server 2014 and 2016

6. 6 What is at End of Life? *Extended support is security and technical support.

7. 7

8. 8 Features and Additions

9. • SQL Server 2014 support 128 GB RAM with Standard Edition • SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 Standard Supports only 64GB 9 Performance Benefits Microsoft has touted upgrading to a new version of SQL Server will improve performance by X amount with no other changes since the earliest versions. This is mainly due to better use of memory.

10. 10 Consolidation / Virtualization

11. 11 Vendor Requirements Database compatibility: *Link available in “Attachments” section

12. 12 AlwaysOn

13. • Cost/licensing • Edition upgrade/downgrade • In-place or side-by-side • Right-sizing your infrastructure • Upgrade path from SQL Server 2000 13 Considerations When Upgrading

14. • Microsoft changed the game with SQL Server 2012 (per core for Enterprise) • Companies may choose to downgrade editions or make more use of virtualization • Downgrading editions is straightforward as long as you are prepared • Upgrading editions to take advantage of new (Enterprise) features 14 Cost and Licensing

15. 15 Different Editions of SQL Server

16. • Paying per core • For Enterprise SQL Server 2012 and 2014, roughly one quarter of the cost of SQL Server 2008 R2 per processor license • 2 core packs will cost approximately $14,000 and you will need a minimum of 4 cores • Virtualization licensing exists to license the entire host server to serve all guest VMs • If you have more than 4 cores per processor prices will increase, often drastically • CAL licenses increased roughly 25%, from approximately $165 to $210. • server/Purchasing.aspx • *Link available in “Attachments” section 16 Cost Comparison

17. 17 Editions and Features For SQL Server 2014 – High Availability

18. 18 Editions and Features - Performance

19. 19 Editions and Features - Security

20. • Downtime • Application Testing • New Feature Implementation • Risk!! 20 In-Place Versus Side-by-Side

21. 21 In-Place

22. 22 Side-by-Side

23. • If you are on SQL Server 2000, first, I am sorry. • Second, we can help. • Requires intermediary upgrade steps to upgrade to a more recent version. • We’ve been there! 23 Upgrade From SQL Server 2000

24. • Ensure a clean, fast and successful upgrade • Help find potential issues before the upgrade using custom tools and upgrade advisor • Get you to the right edition based on feature usage • Ensure application compatibility • Make best practices recommendations before and after the upgrade 24 What Hosting/Ntirety Will Do To Ease the Pain

25. 25 Upgrade Advisors

26. • Work with you to ensure that there will be no application conflicts during the upgrade or after. • Help you decide if in-place or side-side is the best option for your applications. • Find features that you may not even know you were using and would cause pain if you down graded. • Help you understand all of the new features available to you and the associated costs. 26 What We Do Specifically

27. 27 Q&A Michael McCracken | HOSTING Director of Professional Services Rodney Landrum| Ntirety Manager of Professional Services For more information about SQL Server upgrades, please contact our team at 888.894.4678.

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