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Published on March 9, 2016

Author: acumensimsr


1. A C U M E N Rulesof the Game 24Questions in20Minutes !!! Get it Right ... +1 Get it Wrong...Nopoints.. Leave it Blank...Chancemissed... Each Question..One Answer..Hope youhit it on the head.. Tied with others..Fastest FingerFirst Even if youlove the quiz... One submission only please... Questions on Questions ..Leave it onUS Don’t Be Evil

2. A C U M E N 1. In SMS, the size of one photo message is almost thousand times the size of a normal text message. In Japan, people were using lot of photo messages in SMSes. Already, the mobile phone companies were unable to bear the load of a rapidly growing population. What is said to have invented as a solution to this problem. Don’t Be Evil - General

3. A C U M E N Ans: Emoji

4. A C U M E N 2. Connect these five celebrities Don’t Be Evil - General

5. A C U M E N Ans: KBC Host in their respective languages

6. A C U M E N 3. Accelerated healing factor Rapid acceleration of the cancerous tumors Massive scar tissue Psychosis and mental instability Expert in multiple forms of martial arts Taskmaster Memory Multilingual ID this superhero with these abilities. Don’t Be Evil - General

7. A C U M E N Ans: Deadpool

8. A C U M E N 4. ID the entity for which this flag was conceived by a scientist. The red area, symbolizes its current status. The green and blue represent its future transformations. However, there is no official flag for it as there is no government. Don’t Be Evil - General

9. A C U M E N Ans: Mars

10. A C U M E N 5. The first national leader in modern history to ban tobacco officially and running many campaigns based on it, he was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, besides being the Time Person of the year. Who is this leader? Don’t Be Evil - General

11. A C U M E N Ans: Hitler

12. A C U M E N 6. This is the World’s first published _____________ Don’t Be Evil - General

13. A C U M E N Ans: First Newspaper

14. A C U M E N 7. TV2, a Danish TV channel, mistakenly used this image as a backdrop for a news piece on Syria and later apologized for it. While playing what, would you have seen this image? Don’t Be Evil - General

15. A C U M E N Ans: Assasins Creed

16. A C U M E N 8. The official twitter handle of this country is managed by a different person from its country every week because they felt that nobody represented it better than its people. Which country are we talking about ? Don’t Be Evil - General

17. A C U M E N Ans: Sweden

18. A C U M E N 9. Maurice Tillet, a professional wrestler is said to be the inspiration for what hugely successful character from Hollywood? Don’t Be Evil - General

19. A C U M E N Ans: Shrek

20. A C U M E N 10. Which manga series is this referenced to? Don’t Be Evil - General

21. A C U M E N Ans: Deathnote

22. A C U M E N 11. At the end of the 2013-14 Ukrainian Premier League season, two football clubs FC Sevastopol and SC Tavriya Simferopol were officially expelled from the league. Put Funda. Don’t Be Evil - General

23. A C U M E N Ans: Crime Annexion

24. A C U M E N 12. Before the Portuguese arrived here, the natives had a tongue called Kolis. The current name of this island is also from here, changing from Candil to Colio. There was a time when this was leased to Richard Broughton at Rs. 200 yearly. Which island in India is this? Don’t Be Evil - General

25. A C U M E N Ans: Colaba

26. A C U M E N 13. If the glass ceiling is discrimination at the work place due to gender, the ______ ceiling is discrimination due to age, where in Generation X people are prevented from advancing in their jobs by the baby boomers. FITB. Don’t Be Evil - General

27. A C U M E N Ans: Grey

28. A C U M E N 14. She explained in a tweet saying that she was blocked into Facebook because apparently it thought she was a terrorist. One of the reasons her tweets were popular was that , earlier in that year (2014), she started a twitter campaign loosely about gender stereotypes in the workplace. ID the hugely retweeted, liked and shared #hashtag of the campaign? Don’t Be Evil - General

29. A C U M E N Ans: #ILookLikeAnEnginner

30. A C U M E N 15. The last poem written by the father of Amitabh Bachchan was Ek November 1984. What was it based on? Don’t Be Evil - General

31. A C U M E N Ans: Indira Gandhi Assasination

32. A C U M E N 16. “ Proclaim that they wish to unite all the nations of the earth and to hurl the _____ (an item) so far into the depths of the earth that it shall never again be seen in the future”. This is an excerpt for Jesuit of Relations, 1644. What figurative phrase is said to have evolved from this? Don’t Be Evil - General

33. A C U M E N Ans: Burying the Hatchet

34. A C U M E N 17. What does this represent? Don’t Be Evil - General

35. A C U M E N Ans: Man Booker prize for fiction

36. A C U M E N 18. Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso is a pretty long name literally translated to Holy Lord, Gentle Glory, Compassionate, Defender of the Faith, Ocean of Wisdom. We know Him by a much shorter name. What is it? Don’t Be Evil - General

37. A C U M E N Ans: Dalai Lama

38. A C U M E N 19. There are 2 persons who own a NFL team as well as a football club? Name their football clubs? Don’t Be Evil - General

39. A C U M E N Ans: Shahid Khan(Fulham) and John W Henry(Liverpool)

40. A C U M E N 20. She portrayed the punk chick in “That 70s show”. She also portrayed X’s wife in the Harry Potter Saga. ID X (the character, not the actor) Don’t Be Evil - General

41. A C U M E N Ans: Draco Malfoy

42. A C U M E N 21. How are these three connected ? Don’t Be Evil - General

43. A C U M E N Ans:Non American Players To Win Most Valuable Player Award.(MVP)

44. A C U M E N 22. Minimalist Poster for which movie? Don’t Be Evil - General

45. A C U M E N Ans: The Prestige

46. A C U M E N 23. These images indicate towards only one man. ID that man. Don’t Be Evil - General

47. A C U M E N Ans: Emmanuel Lubezki

48. A C U M E N 24. What is so peculiar about these two railway stations? Don’t Be Evil - General

49. A C U M E N Ans: Opposite ends of a railway track

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