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Published on February 4, 2009

Author: shuwix



Just small comparison of few favourite parking companies. Just test them all to make most of Your domains.

Other domaining articles: Expired domains with pagerank, expired traffic, expired pagerank 5, expired domain list Buy backlinks, get backlinks, relevant backlinks, increase pagerank, seo, 1 google position, increase google traffic Parked, Sedo, Namedrive, Fabulous, Parking companies comparison, earn with domains, yahoo feed, google feed, park domains Domain registrar, domain name registration, domain name registrar, domain nmaes, godaddy, moniker, dynadot, cheap domain registrar Sell domains, domain marketplace comparison, selling domains, domain name marketplace, sedo, moniker, afternic Domain blog with domain parking comparison, namedrive, sedo, parked, fabulous, godaddy, moniker, aftermarket guide. This is quite good comparison of four favourite parking companies. I won't tell You: This is best, who wants to be a millionaire (some of You actually are better marketers then me :) ). I just make You choose by Yourself. But somehow people just park their domains with one parking company and stick to that. And that is one terrible mistake. Ok, I can say I'm lucky I've jumped from Sedo parking to Parked and my total revenue is much higher. But what works for me doesn't have to work for You and Your domain names. So I've just put here these four parking companies with all the stats screenshots I found with google image search :D and has some value. I don't give any referral link I just want people to reconsider having all domains at one parking company. You're stealing Your own money from Yourself :) Different companies have different PPC, different ad feeds (yahoo feed and google feed) and different landing page making CTR (click through rate) very different with each domain and company. SCREENSHOTS of STATS from different people, different site niche parked in these companies are at bottom of this POST. And remember -> register in all of them, when the domain performs poorly at Parked, try it at Namedrive or Sedo. -> -> awesome company, works great for my keywords: business, trade, invest, insurance, loans/mortgages domains. I have maybe 1.5x more clicks and about 3-4x more PPC (from average 0,16EURO at Sedo to 0,6-0,8$ stable at Yeah, I need to work around the templates to set some decent colours. But it pays off. Also they pay 0,25$/click for many adult sites and that earnings are in best in adult parking. There's nothing easier then switching to It generates relevant keywords and keyword combinations (if You have words in domain name) and makes very relevant advertisments on parked site converting into high average annual income. In my case about 20% of domains need to be edited to have correct keywords. Problem of is that some expired domains with expired traffic barely converts unique visitors to clicks, so I've send them back to Sedo or Namedrive. For example some of my expired domains have CTR below 5% at Parked, but some has

5-15% at multiple clicks per IP adress /a> -> Good company with fine revenue for most of the domains. There's only lack of good PPC for few expensive keywords (when testing I've had few domains making 0,3$-0,4$ per click that should be valued at 0,5$). My experience is that they pay better for European traffic then Parked. So mostly I have domains with US traffic parked at and those who have >50% of EU traffic are mostly parked at Still great company. If You got any domain that doesn't work well with (low CTR), go for Namedrive, it usually helps. -> Well known marketplace, but not so good at parking. Why? They don't need it. They just push You tu park Your sites there to get accurate stats for selling and avoid 50$ minimal fee. They don't focus on parking, even blind and dumb can see parking site has no real content. But still, they have some huge PPC for some business keywords. but on other hand, there are expensive keywords domains making 0,02-0,08EURO per click which makes You pissed alot. I would never park whole my domain portfolio there. I have just few domain nmaes there that makes nice income due to >1EURO for click where other companies doesn't meet 1$ limit. There is also SedoPro but You need some nice income from domains and plenty of people doesn't meet that. SedoPro have more customisation and makes more money making some domains true moneymakers leaving plenty of domains still very underrated at PPC. -> another great one, but it's really hard to get approved. They are only for big players with huge type-in domains. Have tested few domains and they've made almost same as Didn't test this one with my portfolio, just few domains but I must say they are fine. Some say they are better then Parked and Namedrive, but it probably differs from porfolio. stats: stats: stats: stats: Final result: Parked vs Sedo -> Most domains makes incomparable income with Parked. Sedo is good only for some high earning keywords and it's TOP marketplace so still it's important to join. Parked vs Namedrive -> Parked has higher annual earnings but if You got national TLD with no english speaking traffic, Namedrive will earn better with them. Parked vs Fabulous -> About equal earnings, but it's very hard to get approved at Fabulous. They mostly want only high volume type-in traffic. Biggest advantage of is that You can build backlinks and increase traffic. But be aware to only bring relevant traffic to domain keywords, else You'll get low CTR and risk BAN :D Enjoy tons of free cash with parking of Your domains.

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