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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: DanielDuwa1



Well what else can I say...from The Lost Files here is Dollifing Beyonce Knowles

‘Dollifing Beyonce’ by Daniel D’uwa     Since I 1st of heard of Mr Knolwes, that is Beyonce’s father something has always bug me. Beyonce seem to have always been favored even in the group Destiny Child. And even pushing a few of the initial members of that group under the bus was never enough. But what gat me is, for a woman who is averagely beautiful, average compared to Kenyan and not American women. The scale is different & you have to have dated a Kenyan woman to understand. So why on earth would this beautiful woman, am amazing singer, gat a father for a manager & a mother for a designer stoop so low. From wearing obnoxious & hideous oversize jeans & wild colored prints tops at the games of the decade, Beyonce has in the mean lost all her clothing. There is nothing new there. Every single female has show some unmentionable, cleavage doesn’t cut it anymore. Take for instant, the conservative Toni Brixton. In her latest video she adorns a lovely black gown only to spread her dress and show her pants or ‘unmentionable’ as they were once called. Another so called clean artist filled to the brim with talent is the piano playing angelic voiced Alicia Keys. In her latest video, she too puts her best curves forward in a black figure hugging number that would turn a preacher man wild. But you would forgive both Toni & Alicia. Toni is making a comeback, while Alicia is budding & exploring her sexuality. The big but is why Beyonce is in a Bikini in every song, every show & every promotional video? Most importantly why doe her handlers put the doll image? What is the purpose especially since she is as the saying goes, at the top of the musical world. Every time you watch her dance on this massive stages with millions of fans she sort of look like a human−sized stuffed doll practicing her pre−sex session at the playboy mansion. Of course as an adult man, I would & often appreciate the view, but being mindful of a wide & lasting imprint Beyonce leaves on the young minds that form the bulk of her fans, it is important to acknowledge that there is a problem. There is a massive population of gals all over the world who hang on every word Beyonce says. This flock of faithful fans mimics every single fashion she puts her name on & buy any product or service she endorses. So what is the sense of selling sex to 15 or 16 year old children already weighed down with issues of self awareness & such insecurities as bulimia.

Is there an agenda commercial or God know what by Beyonce’s minders (or the showbiz industry) to corrupt our children? Yes there is an argument that the buck stops with the parent, teachers and even the government. Of course, parents often single are preoccupied with maintaining a roof & earning a living. Most teachers are not motivated or respected enough for them to care for anything but push for grades while politicians are about getting elected & squandering all the resources they can get their hands on. Because of this the kids are left to their own devices. Hence we buy the television & let the morons that run television & radio programming sell sex breakfast, lunch & supper to our toddlers. The whole while, Beyonce makes a tone of money, our impressionable girls hoe into early pregnancy, abortions, single parentage or disease. Forget our men; we lost those to beer thanks to the Premier League and soccer. I don’t see an end in sight, do you? D'uwa My Words, My Thoughts. April 19, 2010

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