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Published on August 16, 2008

Author: artisanbusiness


Slide 1: China Business Clinic Practical Tips You Need to Know Slide 2: If you have never been to China, Linkedin, Xing, Alibaba, and Global Sources are the best places for you to build a China business social network that may benefit your company down the road. For a frequent China traveler, you should spend a few days at int’l trade fairs, industy conferences, executive trainings; face-to-face meeting is the most effective method to enhance your Guanxi (relationship) with your Chinese counterparts. Building Your Network Slide 3: China is a vast country with diversed culture, regional differences, and social norms. Inland provinces and 2nd tier cities may bring you more business opportunities; They welcome SMEs. Your network in smaller cities is a key for your success in large cities – it is much easier to build your contacts and network in small cities. Your contacts there will help you expand your network in large cities. Knowing China Slide 4: Forget about doing everything yourself! Be wary of people who claim they can cover all bases for you. It is always a good practice to consult with a bi-lingual advisor who has local knowledge and experience. Utilizing Consultants Slide 5: China is still a one Party country. Watch out what you say – avoid political topics. Top executives with Chinese government-owned companies may not always be the most influential persons in decision-making process – it is the Party boss that still matters! Dealing with the Party Slide 6: Have a Party boss’s daughter or local Mayor’s son on your payroll might not be a good move. Always conduct best practice and Do NOT bribe. Enforcing China-friendly code of ethics can protect your business interests and reputation. Encountering Corruption Slide 7: Due Diligence means INVESTIGATION (Diao Cha) in Chinese translation. Chinese don’t like this word; use RESEARCH (Yan Jiu) instead. Transfer the blame to a 3rd party for the need of this Yan Jiu if the business relation is at risk – Bank or Customs Service. Hire qualified local professionals such as lawyers, accountants, market entry and financial consultants to conduct Due Diligence. Performing Due Diligence Slide 8: Maintain a good relationship with local government officals and media. Develop a comphrensive risk management strategy for unexpectable situations and risks. Controling Risks Slide 9: Keep your tax, accounting, and other business records in Chinese. Persons who manage your accounting department should be stationed in China Keeping Books Slide 10: Show your personal interest in Chinese culture. Formal dress shows your respect. Shake hands with the most senior person first. Address deputies by skipping the word “deputy” or “vice” - for example, “Vice Director” would just be called “Director” - unless the superiors are present. Learning Business Culture Slide 11: Localization of your business card, brochure or website is a must. Proper Chinese branding of your products is critical. Creation of your Chinese identity is the key for success. Branding in China Slide 12: Do not lose sight over your distributors or partners. Open communication with your Chinese counterparts is very important. Marketing in China Slide 13: Take solid steps as early as possible. Develop a clear IP action plan with your Chinese partners. Get prepared to act quickly and decisively regarding enforcement. Protecting Your IPR Slide 14: Utilize a 3rd party service provider is more cost-efficient and effective. Always shop for the best one-stop logistics firm. Managing Logistics Slide 15: Check CVs and background carefully. Value your Chinese employees and expats. Respect women in your business. Educate your managers to comply with labor laws and regulations. Managing Local HR Slide 16: Register to attend Managing China series at today. Log on for details. To Learn More… Slide 17: Brian B. Su, President and Principal, Artisan Business Group (ABG), a China and Asian market consulting and advisory firm in Illinois USA. Mr. Su offers strategic business planning and development services to SMEs around the world. Participants of Managing China presentations will receive 20% discount on ABG’s web-based China Business Mentoring Program. Visit for details. About the Presenter Slide 18: Digital Tsunami (Australia) Tianjin Economic-tenological Development Area (China) Shanghai Shengdi Int’l Trading Co. Ltd. (China) AWH Company (China) About the Endorsers Slide 19: Indesco Oven Products, Inc. (USA) Langenberg & Company (USA) Armbruster Manufacturing Company (USA) About the Endorsers

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