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Information about dogscancer

Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Gavril


Can Dogs Smell Cancer ? :  Can Dogs Smell Cancer ? By: Carolina Kidwell Bozeman and Charlene Kormondy Why Dogs?:  Why Dogs? Dogs & Scientists Scientists, professional dog trainers, and doctors have not, until recently, worked together Work together to take advantage of extreme sense of smell to detect diseases. Machines Not known how good relative to the dog Lack flexibility of dog (e.g., dealing with unpredictable distractor odors). Dog sense of smell:  Dog sense of smell Stormy and Rebel:  Stormy and Rebel Stormy is a four year old Standard Schnauzer Stormy is a well trained show dog He has earned several AKC dog show titles Champion - appearance CD (companion dog) - obedience level 1 CDX (companion dog excellence) - obedience level 2 Working on UD (Utility) - obedience level 3 He is in the Working dog group He Rebel is two years old Small Munsterlander Pointer is currently working on his basic obedience training He is in the Versatile dog group (Wetland, Upland, Companion, Tracking) He is true to his name – He is a “Rebel”! Stormy Rebel Equipment:  Equipment MIRAN= device that tells odor concentration PT= Permeation tube; constant source PUMP= moves air through MIRAN Rate of change in concentration (in this closed system) tells PT release rate. Training:  Training Retrieve PVC “Retrieval Tube” “Hide and seek” to locate odor Pick out odor retrieval tubes from blank tubes Pick odor from distracting smells using coffee cans with door flap Pick odor from laboratory boxes with door flaps Black=Outside Yellow=Inside Lab Movie:  Movie Dog trial 1 Dog trial 2 Week 2 training:  Week 2 training Amyl Acetate, 1 to 10 ppb:  Amyl Acetate, 1 to 10 ppb Slide10:  20% or below Rebel would just be guessing Non-blind training sessions Lower conc. ~ 1ppb Slide11:  Ms. Dianne Walker Dr. James Walker Ms. Crow Carlos Villa Pat Dixon Rebel and Stormy Walker

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