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Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Denise


Foster Parents:  Foster Parents When a puppy is born, the Lion’s Foundation Dog Guides takes care of the dog until it is about 10 weeks. After that, the dog goes into what is called a foster home with foster parents. A foster parent takes care of the dog until it is about 1 years old. During this time, the foster parent trains the dog how to do the basic train such as, sit, stay, up, etc. . . The reason the dog goes into a foster parent is because the dog needs to be socialized and has to get use to the noises it might hear on a daily basis. The foster parents are a very important in training a good Dog Guide. Evaluation :  Evaluation After the dog comes back from the foster home, it goes through a evaluation. The evaluation first sees if the dog has any health problems, i.e. hips, eyes, etc… If it does, then the dog is disqualified. When a dog is disqualified, either the foster parent has a choice to keep it or the foundation has a long waiting list of people who want a disqualified dog. If the dog passed the health test, then it goes through an evaluation to see what program it might fit in best. If it is a Golden Retriever, Lab, or poodle, it would go into Special Skills Dogs. If it is a Golden Retriever, Lab, poodle, or German Shepard, then it would go into the Canine Vision Canada program. But, if it was any other type of little dog then it would go into the Hearing Ear Dogs program. The last part of the evaluation is if it had any temper problems then it would go to its foster parent or to a person on the waiting list. Training :  Training When the dog has gone through the evaluation, the trainers at Dog Guides train them. The dogs who go into the Special Skills Dogs program get train from six to eight months. They train them to, open doors, turn on/off light, pick up things, bark for help, and much more. One trainer has about seven or eight dogs. During the six to eight months, if the trainer sees that the dog is either not fitting into the program, or if the dog is starting to be too aggressive, then the trainer has the choice of switching the dog into what he or she thinks would be good fit, or has the option of disqualifying the dog. If all goes well during the six to eight months, then the dog is ready to go in go into a 3 week session where some people who where evaluated earlier on and the dogs and they train together during the 3 week period. Application Process:  Application Process While the dog are being trained, some people are apply to receive a Dog Guide. This is often a long process because the person has to fill out many forms, get two referrals, get doctors notes and much more. After they send in there forms, the trainers and the head trainer come out and evaluate the person to see if and why they need a Dog Guide. If the person has had a Dog Guide in the past then they don’t need to go through the process of being evaluated again. After they are evaluated, the trainers decide if they think the person needs a Dog Guide or if they don’t. If they need one then they go in a class and if they don’t then they don’t go in a class. This whole process takes about up to 2 years before they get a dog. Three Week Training Period:  Three Week Training Period When the dogs and the clients first meet, the trainers switch the dogs with the clients around to see witch client fits with which dog. During that time, the trainers teach some of the commands to the clients so they start to learn how to take charge of the dog. On the second day, the trainers choose which dog goes where. The clients have some time to interact with his/her dog before they start the training again. After the three weeks, on the last night there is a graduation where the dogs, owners, owners family and friends, foster parents, and of course the sponsors get together and see them graduate. The foster parents get to see the dogs all grown up and get to meet the owners and the owners get to go home and find how much different life is with a dog! At Home:  At Home When the dog and the owner get home, one of the trainers will often come out and help the owner if they had any problems or if they just need someone to help get the dog to open the door so it would get use to its new environment. If it was a child who got the dog, then the trainer would often come out the next day and make some presentations at the school so the kids would understand why not to touch the dog, explain what the dog would do and so on. If the client ever has any problems with the dog then the trainers are more than happy to come out and help sort out the problems. This whole process takes a long time but in the end, it’s all worth it!:  This whole process takes a long time but in the end, it’s all worth it! Created for you by: Meghan Hines

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