Dog Clicker Training

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Information about Dog Clicker Training

Published on October 15, 2017

Author: DavidMunce


1. How Does Clicker Training Work and What is it? A very simple yet effective method of dog training involves the use of a small handheld clicker. It is just a small device you can click every time you approve of a good behavior. The Details • It’s a matter of science. Clicker training is based on the theory that animals tend to learn by association. The sound the clicker makes helps the dog form a connection in his mind, between the command and the behavior. • The clicker helps the dog identify the desired behavior. Using a clicker helps the dog make the connection between the behavior and the reward more quickly. This is because it can understand the simple sound better than a spoken word or sentence, at first. • The clicker is paired with the reward. After giving the command use the clicker when your pet dog does what you ask. Immediately follow this with a treat. Soon he will associate the treat, with the sound, and then the command. • Don’t over-use the clicker. Clicker training is designed to help the dog identify the desired behavior, so once your dog learns which behavior he is supposed to repeat, you can stop using the clicker. • There is a risk for dependence. Using a clicker may mean the dog will only perform the desired behavior, to the sound the clicker makes.Only use the clicker during the first few repetitions of any command, to prevent this from happening. • The clicker makes training faster. The more quickly your dog learns to identify the desired behavior, the more quickly he will learn to repeat it. The clicker will help speed up this process. The Bottom Line Because dogs cannot comprehend human speech, they simply learn to identify certain words and phrases. This being the case, many of the words we speak to our dogs are meaningless. But the sound of the clicker is clearly defined, which makes it effective in helping the dog form an association between the behavior and the reward. Clicker training can be incredibly effective as a dog training method, as long as you use it properly! By following these tips and techniques, you can easily incorporate clicker training into your dog training at home.You don’t have to use a real clicker! All you need is anything that makes a loud clicking sound! -You don’t have to use a real clicker! For more information on dog training click here

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