Does the Use of Video in Education Enhances Quality of Teaching

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Information about Does the Use of Video in Education Enhances Quality of Teaching

Published on February 17, 2020

Author: mecarlhooper


Slide1: DOES THE USE OF VIDEO IN EDUCATION ENHANCES QUALITY OF TEACHING? Slide2: The use of videos enhances the quality of teaching in the classroom. Slide3: Both the students and teachers are inclined towards video education. Slide4: There are better alternative explanations and more dynamic learning styles. Slide5: Its multiple benefits for students and teachers alike are noteworthy. Slide6: Visual Stimulation Slide7: Visual stimulation encourages student interaction with the subject’s concept. Slide8: Teaching with videos is perfect for information retention. Slide9: The students can also read from the videos all by themselves. Slide10: Digital Literacy Slide11: Digital literacy is the most wanted proficiency in getting a job. Slide12: The more students are exposed, the more confident and proficient they become. Slide13: Classroom videos are more effective when accompanied by the right equipment. Slide14: Teaching Is Fun Slide15: The teachers can take the help of videos while introducing the students to a new concept. Slide16: A good video is a great way to get the students interested in the subject. Slide17: Classroom videos can be used to complete experiments or clear doubts. Slide18: Improved Quality of Learning Slide19: When a student learns through the videos, it stimulates the cognitive processes of- Thinking Reasoning Problem-solving Decision making Slide20: Videos take the student beyond recall and relate activities. Slide21: This can give rise to critical thinkers who can use a lateral thought to come up with solutions. Slide22: THANK YOU Source:

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