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Published on December 6, 2007

Author: Emma


DOE Mini-Review of the LCLS Project:  DOE Mini-Review of the LCLS Project LCLS Project Management M. Reichanadter LCLS Deputy Project Director Outline:  Outline Project Progress / Status Cost and Schedule Performance EAC Contingency Allocation Effects of the FY07 CR, Prep for EIR Revised Project Baseline Procurement Status Risk Management Summary Progress since the last Review:  Progress since the last Review LCLS Performance – Good News Injector construction, installation and commissioning complete Linac is recovering from CR effects. Shutdown underway. Installing BC-2. Undulators @ SLAC. Prototype vacuum chamber in Sept. Civil Construction effort fully deployed. Stronger SLAC and Turner teams in place. LCLS Performance – Bad News FY07 funding uncertainties have degraded overall CPI and SPI Redirected staff, hold procurements. SPI drops to ‘yellow’ $8M funding reduction in FY07 requires project to replan remaining work. Move FY07 procurements to FY09, phase NEH/FEH commissioning DOE directs change to baseline to address the CR effects EIR scheduled for October 2007 LCLS Progress on Approved Baseline:  LCLS Progress on Approved Baseline % Planned 63% % Complete 54% SPI = 0.85 CPI = 0.92 EAC up-trend BCWP down- trend, due to CR $ total burn rate ~$7-8M per/mo SLAC labor portion burns ~ $2.5M/mo LCLS TEC Earned Value (through Jul07):  LCLS TEC Earned Value (through Jul07) % contingency dropped from ~22% to 7.9% since Oct06 due to CR and funding uncertainties. Not accomplishing planned work. Cum Work Scheduled (BCWS) $192.7M Cum Work Performed (BCWP) $163.8M Cum Actual Costs (ACWP) $181.8M Estimate at Complete (EAC) $304.6M Includes all Pending BCR’s and Variances % Contingency on EAC 7.9% Cost and Schedule Variance Trend:  Cost and Schedule Variance Trend CV and SV show significant degradation Redirected staff to address directed rebaseline Delay and acceleration costs due to CR uncertainty Defer XT and XE procurements until FY09 Rebaseline Timeline:  Rebaseline Timeline Sep5 – PMOG Meeting Review revised baseline plan Cost and schedule contingencies considered adequate Tighten up FY08 contingency planning Response to Lehman recommendations ~reasonable Sep7 – EIR Pre-Briefing Documentation Complete Sep18 – Mini-Review (Lehman) with DOE-BES Review revised baseline plan and response to recommendations Oct 9-12 – OECM on-site EIR (w/LMI) Limited EIR (5/16 points) Validate revised ETC baseline plan ~mid-Nov – ESAAB to approve new LCLS baseline LCLS to ‘retire’ old baseline and start reporting on new baseline EIR Review Documentation:  EIR Review Documentation Pre-Briefing Documentation Project WBS & WBS Dictionary Resource – Loaded Schedule L4 Project Schedules P3 Data File Milestones & Milestone Dictionary Key Project Assumptions Guidance on Estimating Cost, Schedule & Contingency Funding Profile Critical Path Risk Management Plan & Risk Registry Project Execution Plan On-Site Documentation FTE Profile Tables Detailed Cost Estimate Basis of Estimate Documentation BCR PM-38 Revised Baseline Actions:  Revised Baseline Actions Revise LCLS baseline to deliver technical scope on cost and on schedule Address the effects of the CR and FY07 funding reduction Shift from FY07 to FY09 photon and FEH procurements Update all remaining work using current (FY07) estimates No changes in scope or technical capabilities Update resource rates and escalation SLAC, ANL & LLNL indirect rates unchanged Use 4% escalation on future labor costs Update OPC to reflect LCLS transition to operations LCLS and SLAC management coordinated staff roll-off into operations once commissioning goals are achieved Update cost contingency and risk handling plans No significant scope contingency remains in the ETC. Summary of Revised Baseline ($K):  Summary of Revised Baseline ($K) ETC Summary Address delay costs, acceleration costs, redirected and standing army costs. Extend manpower to reflect extended (16 mo) project timeline Update all remaining work; reassess contingency and management reserve Updated L2 milestones:  Updated L2 milestones L2 milestones have 2 months float to ‘early finish’ date to allow some replanning discretion in response to changing conditions. LCLS Phased Commissioning:  Beam Transport Hall – 227m long above grade facility to transport the electron beam through the existing RSY Undulator Hall – 170m long underground tunnel housing undulators and ancillary equipment Front End Enclosure – 40m long underground facility to house diagnostic equipment in support of photon beam Near Experimental Hall – underground facility whose primary function is to house 3 experimental hutches, prep and shops X-Ray Transport Tunnel – 200m long underground tunnel used to transport photon beams to FEH Defer XT, XE technical procurements until FY09 CD-4 LCLS Operations in FEH - July 2010 LCLS Phased Commissioning LCLS Operations in NEH – late 2009 Far Experimental Hall – underground single 46’ cavern to house 3 experimental hutches and prep space Revised TEC Funding & Obligations:  Revised TEC Funding & Obligations FY08 funding-limited, tight on contingency ~$8M FY07 TEC down $5M FY08 no restoration CR degraded performance Mitigation Push work into FY09. Identified swing procurements Stanford backing on obligation authority Track on risk list. FY08 Contingency Management Plan Revised ETC, BAC @ L2:  Revised ETC, BAC @ L2 Awarded contracts reserve 10% contingency for CF and 5% on technical. Basis of Estimate on Remaining Work (TEC):  Basis of Estimate on Remaining Work (TEC) Significant portion of ETC is contracts in hand. Reduce cost risk. WBS 1.1 Project Management ETC:  WBS 1.1 Project Management ETC ETC cost increase primarily due to extending team to cover project timeline. LCLS Schedule & Milestones :  LCLS Schedule & Milestones Major Milestones Sept 2009 – Initiate Early Experimental Operations FY09 Funding – Pop-Up Cameras – install – NEH commission Total float ~49 working days to L2 milestone Near CP – BPMs, Undulator vacuum system, Undulator testing July 2010 – Photons in FEH (CD-4, Project Complete) FY09 Funding – Pop-Up Cameras – install – FEH commission Includes 2 months to process DOE project closeout activities Total float to CD-4; ~101 working days to CD-4 Near CP – XT/XE procurements, FEH Hutches LCLS schedule includes integrated Turner Schedule “Early-occupancy” dates meet LCLS requirements Turner earned-value tracked by site walks, OAC meetings LCLS installation schedules integrated with Turner RM Boyce providing oversight on global integration Slide18:  LCLS Procurements LCLS using co-located procurement group (7) Procurement Manager – D. Pindroh B. Miller <20% support, J. Dee (Negotiator) roll-off ~Dec07. Weekly technical/procurement staff meetings Procurements monitored via and CP List and APP’s Field Change Order Process monitored closely <4% FCO’s on work accomplished This is working well. Same organization to manage LUSI Procurement Issues DOE SSO to approve all SLAC procurement actions >$100K Use detailed tracking document. Added to risk registry. Turner Claim. May go to arbitration. Support from SLAC Counsel and Stanford Attorney Additional time sink on CF & PO staff. Added to risk registry. Most LCLS Procurements under Contract:  Most LCLS Procurements under Contract Of ~$185M procurements, subcontracts, ~$31M have yet to be awarded. Some specialty components but most are commodities. (vacuum, cabling, power supplies) Largest Remaining Procurements Space Renovation ~$5.0M 2 FEH Hutches ~$2.8M Attenuator ~$1.0M Install Contracts Cost Risks CF Procurements Additional expertise in cost estimating Staying to Schedule System Integration Risk Management:  Risk Management Updated LCLS Risk Management Plan reflects Lehman recommendations. Risk-based contingency analysis Residual risk (post-handling) is compared to available contingency. Senior Management ‘own’ (manage) the risk. Add/retire risks, evaluate handling plans Review monthly with senior management team. Project Management Risks & Mitigations:  Project Management Risks & Mitigations Contingency Analysis Rebaseline project. Need a baseline to measure against Implement contingency management plan through FY08 Control Account Mischarges (at SLAC) Effective use of project tools to track actual costs Timely closure of control accounts SSO Prior Approval of Bids & Contracts >$100K Track weekly active procurements Installation Schedules Track weekly installation status, Integrate installation schedules Safety Incident or Accident Implement ISM plan, work authorization processes Lessons learned at the completion of major activities Owner-Directed Changes to Conventional Facilities Implement weekly walk-arounds by Photon Systems, LUSI staff System Managers and LUSI Staff review shop drawings Summary:  Summary LCLS has prepared a revised ETC to address the funding uncertainties and reduced funding in FY07. TPC of $420M and delayed CD-4 (16 month extension) The revised ETC allows the project to complete its commitments (technical, cost and schedule) to DOE. No changes to scope or technical capabilities Cost and schedule contingencies are adequate Contingency remains tight in FY08. Need to manage carefully. Challenges ahead: Maintain construction progress, refocus on building the project Prepare for efficient handoff to installation teams Continue good progress on commissioning Get ready for LCLS transition to operations and LUSI

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