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Published on December 28, 2007

Author: Mudki


Proposed Permanent Docking Structure Standards:  Proposed Permanent Docking Structure Standards Chapter 10 Section 10.27,O June 1, 2005 Section 10.27,O Permanent Docking Structures:  Section 10.27,O Permanent Docking Structures Normal Maintenance and Repair Allowed without a permit Reconstruction Allowed with a permit New or Expanded Docks By Special Exception Normal Maintenance & Repair:  Normal Maintenance & Repair Refers to Section 10.02: No permit for normal maintenance & repair Added: “50% of the [docking] structure above level of the water at normal high water” to definition For boathouses and floatplane hangers Refers reader to D-MT Subdistrict and to Section 10.02 Both allowed in D-MT Subdistrict Consistent with Section 10.11 restriction Slide4:  Normal Maintenance and Repair Normal high water mark Normal low water Reconstruction:  Reconstruction Dock reconstruction moved from special exception to regular permit, allows for expedited permit Two year limitation for filing No attached structures (except in D-MT) Relocate only to meet property line setback Cannot interfere with navigation; cannot extend farther than existing dock Must meet construction standards (be pile supported if possible) 90% restriction if larger than the new or expanded size limits New or Expanded Docks :  New or Expanded Docks a. Special exception criteria Section (1) mostly from current dock rules (Section 10.27,L,6); expands language for evaluating site conditions Section (2) clarifies “alternative site” criteria Proximity to existing public/commercial dock, or proposed in two year period Other means of access, such as a sandy beach Ecologically sensitive areas New or Expanded Docks:  New or Expanded Docks b. Maximum dimensions Tidal Private: 100 feet long at low water or 5 feet of draft; no wider than 8 feet Public/commercial: 100 feet long at low water or 8 feet of draft; width not specified Non-tidal Private: 50 feet beyond nhw, 8 feet wide Public/commercial: 75 feet beyond nhw; width not specified Slide8:  New Public/Commercial Docks on Tidal Waters Mean lower low water Mean high water Mean highest high water Mean low water Eight foot draft at mean lower low water Or 100 feet long Construction Standards:  Construction Standards Docks must be pile-supported if possible Deck height must be equal to width if over eel grass bed or salt marsh Use untreated lumber or pressure treated lumber approved by EPA No uncured concrete directly in water “Non-water dependent structures” not permitted on docks except as allowed in D-MT Subdistrict Sections 10.21 and 10.23 Development and Protection Subdistricts:  Sections 10.21 and 10.23 Development and Protection Subdistricts Temporary docks allowed without a permit limited to non-commercial only Moorings are only those things in the water (P-WL Subdistrict) “Permanent on-shore structures used to secure docks and moorings” require a permit Revisions suggested during public comment period, but not made:  Revisions suggested during public comment period, but not made Add 75% limit for reconstruction Revegetation of buffers Temporary dock standards Definition of a marina Change Requirement that reconstructed docks meet property line setbacks 50% at normal high water mark for repair Staff Recommendation:  Staff Recommendation Staff requests Commission approval for the proposed Permanent Docking Structure Standards, Section 10.27,O, and the other related rule changes in Sections 10.02, 10.21, and 10.23. What’s next?:  What’s next? Expedited permits for various shoreland alterations, including dock reconstruction Activities that can be consistently limited using pre-defined set of conditions If cannot meet pre-defined conditions, can apply for a full review permit Define marina Temporary dock rules Other adjustments to Chapter 10 to clarify intent of and consistency with dock standards, if needed

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