Do you need a led flood light?

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Information about Do you need a led flood light?

Published on October 18, 2019

Author: LedMyplace_ledMyplac


Slide1: DO YOU NEED AN LIGHTS? LED Flood light is a fantastic concept to solve your outdoor lighting issue . LED FLOOD Slide2: LED Flood lights are the lights that render an intense amount of light to eliminate the darkness and improve the dullness from existing lighting. Flood light is the light that helps to improve the lighting effect by different mounting options and the extra added feature help to improve the standard of light. Now, What is LED Flood light? 5 Year Warranty What are the t ypes of Flood Lights available in the market. LED Flood lights are basically of two types based on their mounting option. Flood mount : This pattern involves the bracket to be fixed on the edges of the building walls.    Knuckle mount : This is the pattern in which the light slips on a pole. Generally found in stadiums, sports arenas, etc. Slide3: How does an LED Flood light makes it successful . LED Flood light is the option that is mostly applicable in outdoor areas such as stadiums, billboards, sports arenas , etc… Now imagine the dragons are performing a wild show for an audience that is seemingly visible while they spitfire. But, what about a game show where detail matters, like a cricket stadium where every cut and stroke needs a view. Now, this is a wholesome experience of true LED lighting in outdoor LED flood light which enhances your experience and lifts up your spirits. What is the latest feature available on LED Flood light? LED Flood lights are already equipped with an efficient energy consumption mechanism. Now the LED solar flood light is a new variant with an added feature to improve the consumption standard by using solar light energy. Available in bronze and black with solar panel.  Slide4: Behind the name, fame, popularity and respect LED Flood lights are some of the amazing innovations brought to you by LEDMyplace for sustainable use.  LEDs are premium and carries some of the features which are described as: LATEST FEATURE AVAILABLE LED Flood light Energy Efficient Long-Lasting IP65 - Rated High CRI Converts 95% energy into light rest 5% into heat. Utility bills saved up to 75%   Operates for more than 50,000 Hours Nearly 5.7 years .   Standard which makes it dust and waterproof. High Color Rendering Index means gives anal most a natural light compared to an ideal light(>80) nearly 80 % true. . Slide5: THANK YOU 815-697-5223

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