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Published on December 14, 2017

Author: theired


slide 1: Do something about it If you love to read about different concepts related to your profession and seek information then you should never skip journals. There are many qualitative and professional journals out there that can be approached for an enlightening and informative experience. They have plenty of papers and rite ups published in them. Who takes care of these journals There are different types of journals like regional national and International Journals. These journals are taken care of by the organizations or professional authorities. The Editors of these journals ensure that they get the best quality encompassed in these journals. They don’t say yes to every research paper or write up that is handed over to them these editors make sure that they handpick the best ones. What type of things they look at The first thing that the editors examine at the time of selecting a paper for journals is quality. If the quality of the content in the paper is good they explore it further. They make sure that the content is ravellingENT informative and engaging. They give much importance to the topics that are important and uncommon. Similarly they make sure that the paper does not include anything that is beyond a topic or a concept. They also make sure that the content of the write ups and papers published in these International Journals are properly proof rad. If the content is grammatically incorrect or it has plenty of mistakes or error they simply drop that paper. What is the point if your paper has excellent information and insight but the grammar and language used is not up to the slide 2: mark Such a thing is certainly going to be disappointing. Grammatical mistakes or other silly errors have no place in journals. Is there competition Of course there are thousands of write ups that are received by the editors of journals. They short list the papers and only after a proper analysis go for a paper that is capable of getting published. There are many individuals who try for years to get their papers published in these journals. Similarly there are some fellows who even lose heart and drop the idea too. But if you are fervent then you should put all the efforts so as to make your paper qualitative and errors free. Thisway the editors won’t find any reason to drop your paper. So the bottom line is that you can always pick the options that are as per your convenience and preference. These International Journals can give your career or professional growth a great jump. Once your paper or write up gets published in any of the prestigious journal it really matters a lot. You must not leave these chances. When you can do something about it go ahead and do it Contact:- IRED 42 Broadway 12-217 New York NY 10004 USA +1-212 901-3781

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