Do It Yourself: Space. How You Are Building Things That Can Fly in Space

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Information about Do It Yourself: Space. How You Are Building Things That Can Fly in Space

Published on April 6, 2014

Author: motorbikematt



Raw slides from my talk at Campus Party Berlin during 21026 August 2012.


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Where I Work  Exploration Solutions, Inc.  Sub-contractor at NASA Ames Research Center

What I Do  Exploration Solutions, Inc.  Work for Office of the Chief Technologist Emerging Space Technology Office Participatory Exploration / Planetary Analogs Education Outreach / Visual Social Media I DO NOT REPRESENT NASA…. …but I can tell you some personal stories!

 A History of Hacking  Government’s Role  What is happening now?  What you can do soon  A few other things… Doing It Yourself

THIS IS NOT A NEW PHENOMENON! Participatory Exploration = A type of Hacking? Hackers= Tinkers = Makers Just other kinds of explorers Doing It Yourself

Albert Santos - Dumont over Wright Brothers here at Tempelhof Field Did it Themselves: Aircraft

 1914 WWI Starts  1915 National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics UK beat us to it in 1909  1918 WWI ends… …Barnstorming Begins! Hacked Surplus Curtiss Jenny JN-4  1926 Air Commerce Act Regulation: Safety & Licensing Elsewhere… Did it Themselves: Aircraft

 1920 Robert Goddard “A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes” 1926 1st liquid fueled rocket launches  1923 Hermann Oberth “The Rocket into Planetary Space” But these guys were not the first hackers trying to explore space…. Did it Themselves: Space

Did it Themselves: Space Humans have been exploring space… …a LONG TIME! “El Caracol” Mexico 600~800 AD

Did it Themselves: Space Oldest Known Observatories  Greeks: 150 BC  Arabs: 825 AD  Indians: 869 AD  Chinese: 1276 AD  Turks: 1577 AD  Danes: 1580 Denfeng, China Jairpur, India

Did It Himself: Space Galileo Galilei ~ the first documented space hacker. Hand polished custom built telescope lenses Discovered Jupiter’s moons Re-ignited interest in building observatories!

Government Space Royal Greenwich Observatory Leiden Paris Berlin

 Sad Facts  Many of the ancient observatories were built to gain tactical advantage during wartime  Airplane development dramatically accelerated due to the World War I effort.  As we all know, World War II & the Cold War were drivers of spacecraft development as well. Big Brother Does It For You

October 1957  Nikolai Kutyrkin  Designed Sputnik-1 January 1958  Werner Von Braun  Designed Juno-I rocket  William Pickering  Designed Explorer-1 Government Space

#SomethingBetter 29-July-1958 National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Werner von Braun  Designed Redstone  1st American in Space  Designed Saturn-V  “One Small Step…” Government Space

Government Space …to catch up with the Russians Saturn-V hacked to make a space station…

Сделайте это сами: Kосмос Russians are the ULTIMATE space hackers MIR Salyut

Big & Small Satellites Landers & Rovers Government Space Sojourne r Molniy a Telesta r TDRS Lunakhod 1 Spirit & Opportunity

Doing It Themselves: Space

Doing It Themselves: Space Backed by very rich benefactors: Scaled Composites (Virgin Galactic, StratoLaunch) Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group) Paul Allen (Microsoft) SpaceX Elon Musk (PayPal) Bigelow Aerospace Robert Bigelow (Budget, Comfort Hotel) Blue Origin Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

Doing It Themselves: Space Mt Palomar (Rockefeller) Lowell W.M Keck Observatory James Lick Observatory McDonald Observatory

Do-It-Yourself: Space

Do-It-Yourself: Space Building satellites out of cellphones

Do-It-Yourself: Space

Do-It-Yourself: Space TechEdSa t

Do-It-Yourself: Space

Do-It-Yourself: Space

Do-It-Yourself: Space OSCA R And oh by the way.. 21 Countries, Dozens of satellites Launched in 1961 Still not new…

Do-It-Yourself: Space Space isn’t always up.. Western Australia

Do-It-Yourself: Space United Arab Emirates Arabian Peninsula

Do-It-Yourself: Space Mars Namibi a Mars UAE

At NASA Ames, we’re making a Fab Lab to standardize ways for you to make spacecraft Do-It-Yourself: Space

127 open/planned Fab Labs GLOBALLY Dozens in Europe 5 in Germany Alone Do-It-Yourself: Space q/

Do-It-Yourself: Space  What is a Fab Lab? Laser Cutter 3D Printer Desktop Mill Vinyl Cutter Shop Bot

Do-It-Yourself: Space Our goal is to make satellite construction as easy as downloading 3Dfiles to be printed, milled, & otherwise assembled into functional spacecraft.

@motorbikematt Do-It-Yourself: Space Thanks!

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