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Information about Do Big Webinar - A2P SMS - Efficient & effective audience reach

Published on March 16, 2016

Author: TataDocomo_Business


1. Powered by Presented by A2P SMS Efficient, Effective Audience Reach 1

2. Powered by Presented by Anurag Banerjee Director, Ozonetel • 20 years of experience in running revenue teams of large companies and startups across North America, Europe and Asia • Invested/ advised more than a dozen startups to reach multi million dollar revenue targets 2 @anuragkbanerjee |

3. Powered by Presented by Ozonetel • Leading Cloud Telephony solution provider • Enable businesses to communicate effectively on one platform with no capital investment – voice – email – social media – SMS – chat • Frost & Sullivan ICT Award 2015 for “Technology Innovation Leadership in Cloud Telephony Solutions” • Powered Hindustan Unilever Mobile Marketing Campaign KKT (Kan Khajura Tesan), which helped HUL to connect with than 30 million users. • Handled more than 1.5 billion calls • 5000+ Customers across industry • Integrated with all major CRM like Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM etc. 3

4. Powered by Presented by Ozonetel: Businesses Served 4 | IT & Education | Healthcare | E-commerce | BFSI | Travel & Leisure | Pharma | | FMCG | Classifieds | Real Estate | Logistics |

5. Powered by Presented by In this presentation • A2P SMS • How SMS compares with other media • Growth in SMS usage • Impact of smartphone usage on SMS • Achieving scale and impact • New technology & tools • Evolution in the next 3-5 years 5

6. Powered by Presented by A2P SMS 6

7. Powered by Presented by Application to Person • Variety of applications/ programs which automatically communicate with people • Triggered automatically when an event occurs or sent out en- masse manually • Some allow two way communication, while others only provide outward communication • Common uses include notifications, marketing messages, banking updates, authentication and flight alerts 7

8. Powered by Presented by A2P SMS • Application or program sends a subscriber an SMS • Usually – Web-based (cloud infrastructure) – Subscriber not expected to reply • Can be sent using – Mobile number/s – Short Codes – Alphanumeric Sender IDs • Subject to local (country) regulations 8

9. Powered by Presented by How it works... 9

10. Powered by Presented by How SMS compares with other media 10 SMS MMS 1.3 CRS Chat Video Chat Size 140 bytes 600 KB Variable NA NA Characters SMS Open Open Hyperlink SMS Open Open Image App restricted App restricted Audio IVR Open Open Video App restricted Open

11. Powered by Presented by GROWTH IN SMS USAGE 11 A2P SMS is a fast, simple, secure and efficient way of providing instant contact with customers/ audiences, anytime, anywhere

12. Powered by Presented by Origins • Originated from radio telegraphy in radio memo pagers using standardized phone protocols • Text messaging functionality to mobile devices began in the early 1980s • Defined in 1985 as part of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) series of standards • Means of sending messages of up to 160 characters to and from GSM mobiles • Key idea for SMS was to use this telephone- optimized system • Transport messages on the signalling paths needed to control the telephone traffic during periods when no signalling traffic existed 12 Source: Wikipedia

13. Powered by Presented by SMS – Dependable & Cheap • Mid 2000s – 2014 – Companies began to realize a shift in their customer base – Millennial consumers preferred mobile messaging, and businesses began to tailor their communication strategies accordingly – Application-to-person (A2P) messaging was thus born – All use cases focused on effectively reaching consumers quickly 13

14. Powered by Presented by India.. Now 14 Source :TRAI India’s mobile subscriber base rises to more than 1 billion 31 Dec 2015 March 2015 24 Outgoing SMS per subscriber per month

15. Powered by Presented by IMPACT OF SMARTPHONE USAGE ON SMS 15 “As the first generation to grow up in a mobile- first world, millennials were tech savvy, accustomed to immediate content, and were gradually working their way to dominating baby boomers in the marketplace” - TIM FUJITA-YUHAS SMS for Business

16. Powered by Presented by Impact of Internet 16 Source: BCG Figures in USD BN Direct co-relation between smartphone purchases & use of the internet for communication

17. Powered by Presented by Apps. Vs. SMS • Messaging is very big among Indian users. It’s engrained in usage habit ever since the inception of SMS • 44% of Indian mobile users prefer messaging apps as the most preferred way to communicate • 95% of mobile users in India access messaging apps multiple times per day • Younger mobile users under aged 35 are leading the charge toward apps • Cost-savings benefits for the immediate and personal messaging environment 17 Source: Inmobi Users are predisposed to message communication Apps are preferred for personal communication, unlike business communication

18. Powered by Presented by ACHIEVING SCALE AND IMPACT 18

19. Powered by Presented by Reach Problems • Large base to communicate with • Can’s oversee continuously • Big and small lists • Need custom solutions • Cant run around for assorted services to send SMSs to customers • Need to keep data secure Solutions • Automated SMS serving • Schedule and automate • Scale as needed • Easy to integrate with existing systems • Single window solutions available • Server to server communication using high levels of encryption 19

20. Powered by Presented by Details Features Bulk SMS Interactive SMS Communication One way Two way No session Session based Cross operator Yes Yes Storage Store & forward Transfer Customisation Yes Possible API Integration Yes Possible Analytics Yes Possible 20 Software is required for sending and receiving customised bulk messages Billing platform charges solely on the basis of messages delivered

21. Powered by Presented by NEW TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS 21

22. Powered by Presented by Cloud A2P SMS • Full-featured Web Portal • Simple, Secure Cloud API • Direct telecom network access 22 Consumers are constantly on the move and rely heavily on their phones for majority of their communication Messaging API ( to add SMS functionality to any program) FTP (File Transfer Protocol) SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) HTTP Email Interactive SMS or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a GSM technology used to interact between a mobile and the telecom network

23. Powered by Presented by Web Interface 23 Console Contact List Management Bulk Contacts Upload Reports & MIS User Level Access Congestion Monitoring Control Number Masking Auto-responders SMS Voting Conference Polls Compliance setting URL Shortening Automate Schedule Automation Templates Personalisation Prioritization

24. Powered by Presented by EVOLUTION IN THE NEXT 3-5 YEARS 24 "A survey of mobile operators from around the world has revealed that the most popular near-term strategy is domestic and international A2P SMS, followed by phone number portability and verification information, Internet of Things and M2M, and lastly A2P messaging via operator-owned OTT apps“ - Mobilesquared In developing markets P2P SMS traffic continues to grow Unlimited delivery capacity

25. Powered by Presented by Quick stats • 90% of all messages are read within 3 minutes • SMS has total mobile ubiquity • Enterprises are rapidly adopting SMS as a means to communicate with customers across all verticals • Projections place A2P traffic at 1.99 trillion by the end of 2015, 2.12 trillion in 2016, and 2.21 trillion in 2017, by which point it will represent 31.3% of total messaging traffic • Each of the 3.76 billion mobile subscribers around the world will receive on average 1.45 A2P SMS messages per day in 2016 25 Source: mobilesquared

26. Powered by Presented by Uses? 26 Source: mobilesquared

27. Powered by Presented by Global in nature • 99 percent availability of the world’s cell phone carriers • Meets all requirements for critical applications such as alerts, online banking and two-factor authentication • Meets local requirements when sending SMS to other countries • Short and long codes can be acquired anywhere in the world • Two-way-SMS with individual response options • Support for Asian, Cyrillic, Arabic and East European characters • Maximum control with delivery confirmations and reception status 27 Source: retarus

28. Powered by Presented by 2016 & Beyond • P2P messaging is on the decline in much of the world (vs. increase in A2P • A2P mobile messaging is expected to be worth over $70 Billion by 2020 • E2P (A2P through unified enterprise applications), will focus on boosting real-time customer communication to support text-enabled contact center services, employee messaging services, and more 28

29. Powered by Presented by Q&A 29

30. Powered by Presented by Feedback For more information on A2P SMS Email: Call: 1800 266 1800 30 Request your valuable inputs at the end of the webinar. The form will open automatically.

31. Powered by Presented by Thank You Anurag Banerjee @anuragkbanerjee

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