DNSe2.0 PR: Stereo sound is important to music lovers !

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Information about DNSe2.0 PR: Stereo sound is important to music lovers !

Published on September 24, 2008

Author: ppplost

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Achieving a genuine 3D stereo sound image requires the exact positioning of the left and right speakers as well as the listener in order to achieve the perfect balance of sound going to left and right.

[ Digital Natural Sound Engine ] Overview DNSe 2.0 : Music That Comes Alive Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the fastest growing global brands, and a proven leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies. Over the years, Samsung has built and reaffirmed its reputation for improving customers’ lives with groundbreaking technological advancements. In 2003, Samsung first launched its new sound enhancing technology, Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe), after years of research on audio DSP and acoustics. Since then, Samsung has continued to fine-tune this technology, investing in R&D on DNSe, to provide the ultimate in sound fidelity on Samsung products ranging from TVs, DVD players, stereo systems, and MP3 players. The aim of DNSe 2.0 is to restore the best sonic experience to the end user. The new sound engine yields higher quality sound with more natural effects than conventional methods by reproducing the “genuine” stereo sound intended by the music content creators. It achieves this by overcoming the limitations from earphones and less-than-ideal speakers to offer realistic stereo and deep bass sounds. In addition, Samsung has sculpted ideal listening experiences that further compensate for the native restrictions of portable music and multimedia players. Using embedded technologies that include 3D, Street Mode, Clarity, and Concert Hall, Samsung has tweaked these functions into user-centric presets, ranging from Rock to Classic, Vocal to Bass Boost, that further heighten the music experience. With any DNSe-enabled device, you can go on an aural journey…from the Met where symphony orchestras come alive to the hottest underground club where bass-enhanced music gets you dancing. Whichever type of music you listen to, Samsung’s DNSe technology will ensure that it comes alive in your ears. Samsung’s DNSe 2.0 technology has already been implemented, through a firmware upgrade, in the YP-K3 MP3 player, which was released early in 2007. DNSe 2.0, as well as future upgraded versions of the sound engine technology, will be incorporated in all of Samsung’s new MP3 players. More information on these devices will be available at a later date. Please visit www.samsungplay.com for more information on DNSe 2.0. Music That Comes Alive 3D Speaker 3D Concert Hall Clarity Street mode EQ Bass Extension DNSe 2.0 _ Digital Natural Sound Engine _ 01

[ Digital Natural Sound Engine ] Natural Stereo Sound Stereo sound is important to music lovers because it translates what would otherwise be a flat and unnatural sound to music that sounds as if it is being played live in your ears. However, by nature of the physical limitations of earphones, it is generally difficult to achieve a satisfying stereo listening experience because of the unnatural channel separation to the left and right earbuds. Even stereo speakers on portable devices pose an acoustic dilemma because they are too close together to simulate an ideal stereo environment. Achieving a genuine 3D stereo sound image requires the exact positioning of the left and right speakers as well as the listener in order to achieve the perfect balance of sound going to left and right. This means having some of the left channel being heard in the right ear, and a portion of the right channel being audible in the left ear. Samsung’s DNSe 2.0 successfully achieves this optimal balance through proper signal processing, enabling portable music devices with earphones or speakers to recreate the ideal stereo image intended by music creators. Audiophiles can now enjoy the same acoustic fidelity on the go that they would achieve with their engineered home stereo system. Left Right DNSe 2.0 _ Digital Natural Sound Engine _ 02

[ Digital Natural Sound Engine ] Deep Bass Resonance The physical limitations of earphones or small speakers also limit the reproduction of a thick, full and meaty bass sound; often, only bass and upper bass registers are audible. Depending on the type of music you listen to and what the original intent of the music creators are, this could lead to a less-than-satisfying listening experience. For instance, the low bass sounds in hip hop or dance music provide the base for the music; the bass line is the groove of the song that people dance to. Without the deep bass sounds, the music would lose a dimension in its audible experience. To correct these limitations, DNSe uses a psycho-acoustic phenomenon called Missing Fundamental that allows users to hear the lowest registers of rich bass sounds, even when it is physically impossible to do so. Nearly all sounds consist of a combination of several frequencies, the lowest of which, the fundamental frequency, is often too low to be produced on portable music devices. DNSe calibrates the other frequencies in a way that enables the ear to believe it is hearing deep bass sounds. The processed bass overtones compel the brain to replace the missing fundamental bass signals, creating the illusion of the low bass registers. In doing so, DNSe enables portable music devices with earphones or small speakers to simulate the acoustic depth that could only be achieved with more sophisticated equipment. Conventional Earphone / Small Speaker Bass Extension Conventional Bass Boost Bass Extension DNSe 2.0 _ Digital Natural Sound Engine _ 03

[ Digital Natural Sound Engine ] Design Your Acoustic Experience DNSe incorporates embedded technologies that tweak the sound in order to optimize the desired sound image. Using different formulations of technologies, Samsung has created numerous preset settings that enable you to easily customize your listening experience according to genre of music or other desired acoustic circumstances. This audio post processing that takes place enables the music players to restore the best sonic experience for the listeners. By reproducing the genuine stereo sound intended by the music contents creators, audio enthusiasts can rest assured that they can listen to optimized acoustics that enhance the type of music they are listening to. The preset EQs breathe life into the portable music player. They tweak the music so that classical music paints sweeping vistas of sound…as if you are in a concert hall. So that hip hop music blares pulse-pounding bass…as if you’re dancing in the hottest club. Users will be able to conveniently select the preset that makes their music come alive, taking full advantage of all DNSe 2.0 has to offer, and enjoying music as it was meant to be heard. Music That Comes Alive EQ Concert Hall Studio Club Normal User Vocal Rock Jazz Dance Classical R&B Ballad DNSe 2.0 _ Digital Natural Sound Engine _ 04

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