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Published on March 20, 2009

Author: Consultingguy


Slide1:  Diverse Media, LLC. Slide2:  Main Network Channels Slide3:  Our Network Websites: Slide4:  What Marketing Goals Do You Have For Your Organization? What Is Your Short Term Marketing Strategy? Do You Have A Marketing Strategy That Can Cut Costs And Still Be Effective For Your Organization? What Strategies Have Worked For Your Organization In The Past? Slide5:  We Have What You Need Slide6:  Some Of Our Clients Slide7:  Our Network Supporters Slide8:  Mojisola Edu - CEO / Diverse Media, LLC. Internet Broadcasting Channels Manager / Head Administrator Garland McLaughlin - President Of Communications / Diverse Media, LLC. Entertainment PR Specialist, Web Programmer, & Internet Traffic Director Timothy Johnson - CEO / National Street Buzz Video & Media Director / Editor - Marketing & Promotions Contact Information

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