DLF 2013: IMLS ETD Project Snapshot

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Information about DLF 2013: IMLS ETD Project Snapshot

Published on February 21, 2014

Author: stepheneisenhauer

Source: slideshare.net


Brief overview/update of IMLS-funded ETD Lifecycle Management project, presented at DLF Forum 2013.

Fostering Multi-stakeholders Partnership to Meet ETD Lifecycle Management Challenges Presented by Stephen Eisenhauer 2013 DLF Forum November 4-6, 2013 Austin, Texas

Fostering Multi-stakeholders Partnership to Meeting ETD Lifecycle Management Challenges Presented by Stephen Eisenhauer 2013 DLF Forum November 4-6, 2013 Austin, Texas

Project Overview ⬝ Lifecycle Management of ETDs ⬝ IMLS National Leadership Grant, 2011-2014 ⬝ Project Members:

Project Objective “To promote best curatorial practices and to increase the capacity of academic libraries to reliably preserve ETDs*” *(ETDs = Electronic Theses and Dissertations)

The Problem ⬝ Institutions are tasked with addressing the entire life-cycle of ETDs, ensuring that papers acquired from students will be available to future researchers ⬝ Many lack the necessary resources and infrastructure

Our Response ⬝ Guidance documents ⬝ Research into software ⬝ Educational materials

Guidance Documents Experts in eight areas have written briefings based on personal research and experiences: ✓ Program design ✓ Record keeping ✓ Implementation roles/responsibilities ✓ Metadata and Lifecycle Events ✓ Copyright issues ✓ Cost estimation and planning ✓ Formats and migration scenarios ✓ Usage metrics and demonstrating value

Lifecycle Management Software We have investigated and documented software solutions fulfilling various needs, including: ⬝ ⬝ ⬝ ⬝ ⬝ ETD Submission and Management Format Validation Virus Scanning Preservation Recordkeeping Institutional Repositories

Educational Materials Our members developed an educational workshop for institutions to use during ETD program bootstrapping.

Project Status ⬝ Guidance Documents ⬝ Under community review through Dec. 31st ⬝ Launching in January 2014 ⬝ Lifecycle Management Tools ⬝ Available for community testing in January 2014 ⬝ Educational Workshop ⬝ CC-licensed and available for re-use in January 2014

More Information Homepage: metaarchive.org/projects/imls Wiki: metaarchive.org/imls Contacts: ⬝ Dr. Martin Halbert, P.I. ⬝ Katherine Skinner, Co-P.I. ⬝ Matt Schultz, Project Manager

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