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Published on April 17, 2008

Author: Massimo


Slide1:  Denmark – a host to future Olympic Games? TSE Survey on the chances of Copenhagen for hosting the 2020/2024 Olympic Games April 17, 2007 – Copenhagen, Denmark Slide2:  What is ‘TSE Surveys’? TSE Surveys is an international online survey tool that allows key questions in sports to be put forward to a panel of 80 experts. The TSE panel comprises: Senior executives of International Federations Senior executives of National Olympic Committees International sports journalists and sports editors Commercial sector sports specialists Other key influencers This survey was conducted between 5 April and 12 April 2007. Slide3:  Do you think the country of Denmark is capable of hosting the Summer Olympic Games? Expert comments: “Copenhagen is capable, but it would need to host more one-off international sporting events to convince the voters that they have the capability” “Denmark has everything necessary – but it needs a change in attitude within the IOC” Slide4:  Is it important for an Olympic Games bid to have an IOC member from the bidding country during the time of the decision? Expert comments: “It’s often not about the best bid, but rather the best PR and most influential individuals. An IOC member carries a lot of weight” “Obvious, but also get him/her involved from the beginning in the whole process” Slide5:  What is the single biggest obstacle for Denmark to host the Olympic Games? Expert comments: “The Olympics are just too big and expensive - ask Greece” “Historically the organisation of the Olympics was made by nations who ranked in the top 22 regarding their GDP, with the exception of Greece ranked 36” Slide6:  Should the Olympic Movement start to consider hosting the OG in smaller countries? Expert comments: “The size of the country should not matter. It is whether the host country can perform both in the competitive arena and in organising the event” ”Already, Athens was not a ‘big size’ city in a ‘big size’ country” Slide7:  What is the strongest asset Denmark has that would help them to win a bid for the Olympic Games in the future? Expert comments: “Compactness and environment: both come along in Denmark and could make the bid stronger” “Copenhagen already has a lot of infrastructure (airport, highways, public transport), so even being a smaller country, they could meet all requirements to host the OG” Slide8:  Would you like to see Copenhagen, Denmark bid to host the Summer Olympic Games? Expert comments: “If it could find the financial and political will, it would be a great place to host the Games” “The Olympics need to move beyond the ‘Old Boys Club’. It has also grown too large – a smaller, cheaper, less extravagant Games is desperately needed” Slide9:  Would Denmark have a chance to win the rights to host the Olympic Games in 2020/2024? Expert comments: “By then, people would recognise that countries like Denmark are able to and should get a chance to organise the Olympics” “Yes, but only if there was the political will and big financial resources behind the bid” Slide10:  For further information: TSE Consulting Your contact: Susanne Hedegaard Andersen Director TSE Consulting Denmark Mobile: +45 40 26 25 29

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