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Information about Django

Published on November 7, 2008

Author: MomentumDesignLab



Learn about Django, where it comes from, what it looks like and who uses it.

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contents I. what is Django? II. II where did it come from? III. what does it all mean? IV. h IV who uses it? V. want to get some? A presentation by

what is Django? an open source (BSD) Python Web framework. It boasts rapid development and high p p g performance. f Django s Django’s main goal is to ease the creation of database driven websites by automating as much as possible and adhering to the DRY (don’t repeat yourself) principle. it allows you to build elegant, high-performance applications quickly with less code, purely using Python. A presentation by

where did it come from? originally developed to manage fast-moving news oriented sites. sites developed by the Web department at World Online in Lawrence, KS. Lawrence KS named after the gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhart the most recent, Django 1.0, was released september 3rd, 2008 A presentation by

what does it all mean? 7 easy steps to write a database-driven website using Django: 1. design your model- you can use Django without a database, but it comes with an object-relational mapper in which you describe your database layout in Python code. 2. install it 3. enjoy the free API 4 “not just the scaffolding, the whole house!”-Django can 4. not scaffolding house! can  automatically create a professional admin interface.  5. design your URLs 6. 6 write your views 7. design your templates A presentation by

what does it all mean? bundled applications and added features that include: an extensive authentication system a caching framework a syndication framework (tools for generating RSS and ATOM feeds) a flexible commenting system tools for generating Google sitemaps support for multiple l tf lti l languages A presentation by

who uses Django? htt // bl k / http://www2 ljworld com/ p g p y g A presentation by

want a Django framework?   1.866.542.7124 A presentation by

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