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Published on September 27, 2014

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Description - Spring is the season for new life. It’s the time of year for fresh flowers and early growth; it’s when we hear the baby birds sing from the trees and catch a sun-shower followed by a beautiful rainbow. here are a few clever, creative backyard makeover ideas to make the most of spring.

Your Ultimate Guide to Our Fabulous Spring Makeover Ideas Spring makeover ideas

Spring is a time for new beginnings. And at Australian Outdoor Living we think it’s the perfect time to make over your backyard! To get you inspired we have created your ultimate guide. Packed full of innovative and ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ concepts, this eBook will help you make the most of spring as you reinvent your backyard. Spring inspired makeover endless to getideas We’ve broken our Spring Makeover ideas down into 6 fabulous categories Make the Most of Spring in Your Backyard Upcycling & Recycling this Spring Backyard Getaway Caveman Creations DIY Outdoor Decoration chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 1chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5 chapter 6 Green Living Ideas this Spring Click the chapternames to skip to yourdesired section

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 1 Spring backyard in your make OFM O S Tthe Spring is the season for new life. It’s the time of year for fresh flowers and early growth; it’s when we hear the baby birds sing from the trees and catch a sun-shower followed by a beautiful rainbow. Here are a few clever, creative backyard makeover ideas to make the most of spring.

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 2 Asparagus Artichoke Cabbage Potato Rhubarb Parsnip Tomato 1 3 6 2 5 4 7 A home-grown veggie patch will give back to you in more ways than one. A vegetable garden gives you fresh food for the kitchen while helping to protect the environment. And we can all agree that home-grown fruit and veggies taste amazing and are better for our health. Veggies plucked, chopped and prepared from your garden can be all-organic, nutrient-dense and completely free from nasty industrial pesticides. To make over your backyard with your very own vegetable garden, choose a spot in your garden that is neither too shady nor too exposed. Fence it off with chicken wire or picketed posts. If the soil in your back garden is shallow or dry, you’ll want to make raised garden beds from homemade or recycled wooden boxes. Fill these with nutrient-rich soil or potting mix, choose which fruit and veg you would like to grow, purchase the seeds from your local hardware store or online and you’re good to sow. The weather in spring is simply perfect for outdoor lounging. In summer, you can find yourself in a sweaty haze and likewise, in winter the chilly air makes us crave the indoors. But in spring, enjoy the crisp early mornings and the sunny afternoons. And what better way to make the most of the Aussie springtime climate than with a backyard hammock? Purchase a hammock from speciality outdoor design stores or get one with a unique design online. backyard vegetable garden build a BACKYARD HAMMOCK our favourite winter veggies Make over your backyard and plant a vegetable garden! Lounge, lie or hang about in a backyard hammock and make the most of the springtime climate Ahh..this is the life!

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 3 There’s more to gardening than you might have first thought. And choosing the right combination of flora can require a fair bit of research. But we have saved you the hard work! Here are our top picks of springtime flowers so you can make over your yard with a bright and colourful springtime garden bed. Make a spring-inspired flower bed! flower bed springtime Pansy Early to bloom, pansies come in a variety of shades. They’re a bright, colourful springtime flower. Crocus Crocus bloom beautiful flowers in the snow. They are usually in shades of purple or yellow. Armeria Pom Pom These beautiful plants produce masses of deep pink pom pom flower heads. Ideal for edging beds, borders and rockeries. Scabiosa columbaria This lovely light pink flower will bring your garden to life. It attracts butterflies and is a perfect choice for planting under roses or trees. Witch Hazel Add a touch of yellow to your yard with these canary yellow flowers. Rhodanthe Create unique plant name tags by painting on smooth rocks!

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 4 Spring awesome with these Spring is synonymous with cleaning. It’s a time for clearing out the clutter in your home and starting afresh. But getting rid of old trinkets does not mean you have to throw them on the curb- side to be picked up in the hard rubbish. Just because they no longer serve their original purpose, doesn’t mean they’re useless. Spring is the time to find inspiration for upcycling. You can browse Pinterest or for great ideas. cleaning ideasu p c y c l i n g

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 5 In winter, especially in Australia’s icy south, you blitz through your socks at the same rate you plough through mugs of warm hot choccy. Socks are necessities. On the coldest days of the year, you may even pile several layers on your feet at once for added insulation. But that also means your chances of losing them, in and around your bedroom and in those insatiable washing machines, is much higher and you’ll probably be coming out of winter with a few odd socks in the drawer. Before you toss them in the bin, maybe you want to think about how you can reuse them. We love the idea of making bright, colourful and very cute Sock Pots. It’s pretty easy to do. Since spring is prime planting time, you’ll probably have lots of dull garden pots lying around the backyard. Jazz them up by putting some superglue around the sides and pulling your socks up to the top. Voila! Exciting new Sock Pots that will look great on your verandah or beside the front door. If you’re one to knit, or have misshapen woollen jumpers too embarrassing to wear any longer, don’t throw out the discarded yarn! Our feathered friends like to decorate their homes with bright colours and styles just as we do. Cut your wool into 10 cm pieces and put your left-over wool into a cheap bird feeder. The birds will collect it to add a splash of colour to their new nests, just in time for their chicks to hatch. with sock pots reinvent the sock COLOURFUL BIRD NESTS ENCOURAGE Oh 'sock' cute!

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 6 The wet and rainy weather has passed and it’s possible you may have worn out your gumboots with all that wear and tear. If so, we’ve got the perfect upcycling idea for your wellies. Turn them into pot plants! This is the simplest upcycling idea you’ll ever discover. Gumboots are already pretty resilient. You’ll just need to drill some holes in the bottom for the water to drain out, fill them with nutritious soil and plant your favourite flowers. With spring, your new blooms will look great in no time. gumboot pot plant create a wind chimeS cutlery Spring heralds a time to venture outdoors again and appreciate the fresh, warm air. There’s nothing better than sitting on the verandah with a cup of coffee and watching nature rejuvenate after a frosty winter. To add to the celebratory atmosphere, you can create a simple wind chime made from cutlery. You’ll need to drill a small hole into the handle- end of your cutlery and then thread through some strong wire. Use a colander or coat hanger to hang the cutlery from. Retired Tyre Garden Beds You may have worn your tyres out with all those long hours of driving northward in search of sun and warmth, but rubber can be one of the hardest things to throw away. They usually have to be taken to a special recycling centre. Sometimes you even have to pay a disposal fee. Save yourself the hassle by creating a tyre garden bed in your backyard. The instructions are about as simple as they come: 1. Place the tyre where you’d like in your garden. 2. Fill with compost and dirt. 3. Plant with all your favourite springtime plants. If you have lots of tyres, gradually stack them so they become a pyramid. You can even twist or cut your forks, knives and spoons into interesting shapes. Browse Pinterest for more inspiration. If you are feeling extra creative, go crazy with paint!

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 7 backyard getaway These creative makeover ideas will help you relax, chill out and unwind in your very own backyard. With the first half of the year done and dusted, spring is the perfect time to recharge. But there is no need to spend a small fortune on a mid-year holiday. At AOL we think you should look towards your back door and reinvent your garden.

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 8 Old school and totally cool, is there anything better than a trip to the outdoor cinema? Enjoy a change in scenery as you sit back, relax and watch an epic movie. An awesome family activity or a great date night with that special someone, there is something super-special about watching your favourite film outdoors. Make over your backyard this spring and create your very own outdoor cinema! Once your backyard cinema is set up, the screen is pulled taught and the projector ready, here are a few final touches to make your backyard cinema experience extra special. outdoor movie cinema an in your backyard here’s what you will need A projector If you don’t have one already, you can buy a projector at your local electronics store. A thick, opaque piece of material or sheet This will make your movie cinema ‘screen’. Be sure to choose a material that is not transparent (you can purchase thickly woven material from your local hardware store). String the material of your movie screen from a pair of sturdy trees, or plug two wooden posts in the ground, tie each end of them to the canvas and pull it taught. Snacks, snacks and more snacks No movie-watching experience is complete without some sweet and sugary treats! Get the kids in the kitchen and get your tastebuds tingling. We suggest whipping up some multi-flavoured popcorn. You simply can’t go wrong with caramel, or choc-caramel flavour. A laptop You’ll need a laptop to broadcast the movie. A good pair of speakers We recommend purchasing a separate, sturdier pair of speakers to use outdoors as they’re sure to face a little wear and tear. Other things that you might need include: Doonas, pillows and blankets for ultimate comfort, an extension lead, as well as small solar lights or safety candles to light your surrounds. Click herefor an easy& tasty recipe In the mood to mingle? Get the neighbours involved and hold a street-screening of a new release movie. Make some DIY tickets, set out blankets, cushions and line the “aisles” with solar lights or tea candles. Make your backyard movie experience extra special by asking patrons for a small donation to a charity. Make it an event! admitone

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 9 First things first, you’re going to need a sturdy shelter to sleep in. If you have a tent already, set it up in a clear, grassy area of your yard. If you don’t have a tent, don’t fret. You’ll just need to be creative. Search your house for suitable materials to build an outdoor fort. We suggest an old sheet, a sturdy broomstick and perhaps a tarp to protect you from the icy morning dew. camping trip backyard Camping calls for a specific cuisine. And as tempting as it is to start with dessert (who can resist campfire cooked s’mores?), let’s discuss the main course first. Bursting with baked beans or gooey tinned spaghetti and smothered in that slightly sweet and tasty tomato sauce, campfire cooked jaffle-iron sandwiches are the ultimate campfire cuisine. To make yours, butter the jaffle iron to stop the bread from sticking. Lay either side with a slice of bread, gently spoon in your beans or spaghetti and shut tight. Hold your jaffle irons close to the flame and let it cook for around 7-10 minutes. When it comes time to eat your campfire feast, be sure to blow your toasted jaffle sandwich cool before you take a bite. The inside will be a lot hotter than the crispy crust, so watch your tongue! Now it’s time for a sickly sweet and campfire friendly dessert. S’mores are the quintessential camping treat and are perfect for the kids. So simple to make, enjoy a choc-marshmallow sandwich that, when cooked fireside, makes for a gooey, icky and sweet after-tea treat. Make over your backyard and recreate your very own springtime getaway! Get outdoors and invite the kids along to your own backyard camping trip. An awesome, fun-filled weekend activity, camping in your backyard is a budget-friendly way to holiday. But listen in; there are a few things you need to make the most of your backyard camping trip: CLICK HERE To find more awesome CAMPFIRE S’mores So many YUMMY SCRUMMY ideas! Campfire A tent Sweet treats and camp-friendly food It’s a blatant truth; no camping trip is complete without a campfire. Gather round as you warm your hands, toast marshmallows and sing your favourite outdoor acoustic tunes. But if you live in the ’burbs, a real campfire is probably not an option. At AOL we suggest making a campfire in a drum. It might not be the real thing, but it will provide a disaster-proof fire to set the mood.

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 10 Laying a textured floor on your backyard yoga getaway will keep your pants, hands and clothes clean and free of dirt and backyard debris. Pebbles are smooth to touch with a cool, icy temperature. You can purchase pebbled tiles from your local hardware store. But if you find stones to be a little hard on your bottom and feet, sand is another great option. A soft, sandy floor can also spark creativity. Place a bamboo rake to one side of your yoga-inspired getaway and encourage visitors to rake the sand as they explore their innermost thoughts. Set the mood of your backyard yoga retreat with outdoor décor and decoration that is inspired by water and wind. Wind chimes double as a weekend DIY and peaceful decorative piece. Get artistic and create your very own signature wind chimes to make over the backyard. Old utensils such as cutlery will reflect the sun and make sweet-sounding chimes in the wind. Wooden blocks strung up with rustic rope make for an earthy and grounded decorative look. (See page 5 for more information) The humble water feature has stood the test of time as there are few things more peaceful than the gentle flow and tranquil sounds of running water. A water feature for your yoga-inspired space need not be elaborate or costly. yoga retreat backyard If you’re experienced in the art of ‘ommm’, or are looking to discover the joys of a new hobby, then your very own backyard yoga retreat might just be your thing! Here are a few ideas to make the most of a yoga-savvy space. Click Here To check out some great DIY and (slightly more elaborate) water features for your backyard. Textured Floor Water & Wind

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 11 Sustainability is the key to living green. No matter if you live in the country or close to the CBD, you can embrace a huge range of techniques to lower your eco footprint and care for the environment. Spring is the perfect time to declutter your home and garden. But if you want to go one step further, here are some great self-sourcing ideas to help you live greener this springtime. Spring living thisideas

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 12 Maintaining a brood of chickens is one of the best ways to be self-sustaining. The number one reason is that chickens provide eggs – imagine having your own inexhaustible supply in your very own backyard! But keeping chickens has other benefits too. They control insects and weeds, eat kitchen scraps and loosen the soil. Their deposits are also a great fertiliser – chook poo is one of the most popular garden fertilisers in Australia, after all. You’ll want four or five chickens to produce eggs. And make sure you know your local government regulations before buying roosters – they’re banned in many suburbs so their crowing doesn’t wake the neighbours. Keep your chickens safe in a fox-proof coop made of timber and mesh and make sure they’re locked up every night. They should have a perch for roosting and nesting boxes to lay their eggs in (which you’ll undoubtedly want easy access to). Don’t forget to cover the floor with sawdust to mix with their droppings. After nine months, you can remove it and add it to your compost. Everything has a purpose in your coop! Spring is the time to plant those seedlings. But like bringing up toddlers, it’s always a tricky stage. When seedlings are putting all their energy into growing, they don’t like to be moved too much. Imagine the battering their little roots must get when you’re transplanting them into the ground. Making biodegradable seedling cups can end all your problems. You don’t have to try to delicately remove your seedlings – you need only dig a hole and plant them in the ground, container and all. You may not believe it but newspaper makes the perfect biodegradable cup. You only need basic origami skills to assemble it into pots. Then you simply fill with soil and sow seedlings. backyard chicken coop be sustainable with a seedling cups newspaper Step 1 Fold four 15-20 centimetre squares of newspaper into thirds one way and then another. Step 2 Fold the edges inwards to form 4 corners. Step 3 Staple in place. how to make newspaper cups If you want more detailed instructions, CLICK HERE to visit Care2 Here chook chook

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 13 Speaking of compost, you won’t regret starting up a compost heap. With compost, you can dispose of your kitchen scraps and other materials and turn them into black gold! That is, your scraps will break down into decomposed organic matter that will act as a natural fertiliser on your garden beds. Plus it will dramatically reduce your garbage waste. Making a compost heap is easy. First, you need a place to store your scraps, such as an old rubbish bin or wooden boxes. Then you need to add two essential ingredients: This is usually wet and green, such as lawn clippings or food scraps. This adds heat to your pile and helps it decompose. It’s typically brown and dry, like fallen leaves and straw. You need a good balance of these two so that the compost decomposes at a beneficial rate. But to help it along, you need to add oxygen every once in a while by tossing the mixture, and make sure it’s always a bit damp. Follow these instructions and you have a guaranteed all-purpose fertiliser mix that’ll give the golden touch to your garden beds and help those blossoms bloom this spring. COMPOST HEAP CREATE A Make over your backyard and plant a vegetable garden! Food scraps Crushed egg shells Grass clippings Sawdust Coffee grounds Plant cuttings Dry leaves Wood clippings Simple paper products, such as newspaper Compost Items you can ‘Green’ nitrogen-rich matter ‘Brown’ carbon-rich matter collect all your kitchencuttings in 1 small bin& empty when full tosave trips outside

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 14 backyard ingredients Spring Spa treatments from your own With winter over, it’s time to relax those weary heat-starved muscles and reinvigorate your dried skin. Plant yourself a herb garden and have all your mud-pack and muscle relaxants at your disposal. Chives Add to salads, egg, and cheese dishes Basil Use in soups, salads, sauces, or make homemade pesto Mint Brew leaves to make tea or sprinkle over lamb before cooking Sage Add to chicken stuffing Parsley Mix into salads, casseroles, stews and more Thyme Rub into meat before roasting Coriander Use to flavour meat and salads Dill Use to flavour fish, salads, meat and more Aside from their therapeutic scents, herbs are known to have medicinal qualities and are great in recipes too. Here are some of the best herbs to plant in spring:

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 15 Make your own Lemon Scented Bath Salts rest your feet in this Herbal Foot Soak Revive your visage with this Herbal Face Mask 2 cups epsom salts 8 drops lavender essential oil 6 drops mint essential oil 2 drops eucalyptus essential oil 2 drops rosemary essential oil 1 tsp dried comfrey root powder 1 tsp dried lavender 1 tsp dried mint leaves ¼ tsp dried bergamot petals ¼ cup whole oats ¼ cup comfrey leaf ¼ cup calendula petals 1 tbsp rosemary 1 tbsp chamomile 2 sprigs of lemon verbena 1 cup sea salt Fill a jar half full of epsom salts. Add the oils, replace lid and shake. Add comfrey and dried herbs and shake again. Fill jar with more epsom salts, replace lid and shake. Instructions Powder the dry ingredients and mix together. Store in an airtight container. Mix 1 tablespoon warm milk with 1 tablespoon of your facial blend until thick and creamy. Apply to face and relax for 20 minutes. Rinse with water. Makes 16 masks. Instructions Chop lemon verbena into small pieces and mix with sea salt. Sit for 2 weeks so the salt absorbs the herbs. Stir them into a warm bath. Instructions reawaken your skin with this perfect Coffee Body Scrub ¼ cup sugar 1 10cm sprig of fresh rosemary ¼ cup finely ground coffee beans 2 tbsp bentonite clay 3 tbsp oil (olive, grapeseed, coconut or avocado) 3 drops each of rosemary oil and grapefruit or peppermint oil Grind sugar and rosemary in a spice grinder until finely ground. Mix with remaining ingredients. Scrub on skin and shower off. Instructions Brought to you by Beauty & Confidence Brought to you by Mother Earth Living Brought to you by Beauty & Confidence

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 16 Caveman living has become something of an ‘In Thing’. Following the primal-inspired trend, in spring it’s time to get back to nature, experience your backyard in an entirely new way and make it over like a caveman. creations backyard caveman

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 17 fire pit or caveman underground oven backyard Stay warm outdoors and defy the springtime chill with a backyard fire pit. Or better yet, build a fire pit that doubles as an awesome outdoor oven! That way you can enjoy warm, soft damper freshly pulled from the flames and slow-cooked meat with a deep smoky flavour. Our mouth is watering. Is yours? Invite your friends and family around. Light up your super cool, caveman-inspired backyard fire and stay warm outdoors. step 1 step 2 Check with your local council about fire restrictions and whether you can have a fire pit in your backyard. Select an area of your yard that’s free from potential hazards, such as overhanging trees or unwanted backyard debris. step 4step 3 Next, line the hole with fairly flat rocks. Press the rocks into the bottom of your pit and along the sides, making sure that they are firmly in place. Dig a deep hole. We suggest making it 1 metre x 1 metre and at least 30cm deep. When you’re digging, try to keep the sides of your to-be oven vertical. step 6step 5 Your outdoor in-ground fire pit is ready to cook in! Wrap your food of choice in foil (you might want to use a few layers) and place over the flames. If you’re after a slow-cooked feast, die your fire down to ashes and let your aluminium-covered dinner parcels bake for a few hours. Now it’s time to build your fire! First, collect some kindling. Kindling will catch alight first and fuel the rest of your fire. The best sort of kindling is made from small, finer, highly-flammable sticks and twigs. Top the kindling with sturdy, thicker branches. To ensure a flickering fire that burns for hours, make sure to use fire fuel that’s completely dry and stripped of green leaves.

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 18 An orchard in your very own backyard need not be restricted to the wine aficionados among us. You can have one too! In fact, a backyard orchard is a fantastic Spring Makeover idea. Get in touch with your green side and do a little research. Choose plants that are best suited to your local area and match with the look and feel of your home. If gardening isn’t your forte, choose low-maintenance trees such as citrus and deciduous species. Or if your thumb is well and truly green, go ahead and plant some high- maintenance species. A backyard fruit orchard is a lovely addition to your yard. Not only will the trees bare tasty treats, but they’ll also provide lush greenery (that will grow lusher, and greener with the passing years). We live in a time of flat screen TVs, DVDs and high tech gadgets. It’s all too easy to lose touch with our inner caveman. Sometimes the best thing to do is to stop, sit back and realise the beauty that is the great Australian outdoors. But how can you and your family sidestep the hustle and bustle of our tech-savvy world? We suggest bird- watching. Get the kids on board and make it a family- friendly weekend activity as you free yourself from high-tech gizmos and colour screens. Makeover your backyard with your imagination! Build a bird-watching fort, complete with peep holes and watching posts. Or grab your binoculars and pull on some hardy bush-bashing gear and take the kids on a walking adventure. your own orchard grow bird watching Make over your backyard and plant a vegetable garden! backyard Why not make 'play' binoculars for the kids? All you need is 2 toilet rolls, sticky tape and some string.

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 19 After a few wintry months it’s highly likely your backyard is looking a little neglected. Bring it back to life with these creative DIY outdoor ideas. From here on into summer and autumn you’ll be spending a lot more time in your backyard. So it’s time to give it a décor makeover to make it look fresh and new for you and your guests this spring. Springtime is when the flowers are beginning to bloom, so DIY spring décor is all about adding that extra splash of colour in your backyard. You want your backyard to be a riotous palette! These easy ideas will give your garden personality and add some springtime brightness to your backyard. decoration backyard DIY ideas for the

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 20 stenciled pavers Refresh your garden pavers with a touch of spring colour. You only need three items: pavers, a stencil and some spray paint. Set up a spray area with your work surface covered with newspaper or old fabric. Try to do this outside so you have plenty of fresh air - those spray paint fumes can be nasty! Give the pavers a good wash so there’s no dirt. Once they’ve dried thoroughly give them a sweep for good measure. Place your stencil over a paver and when you’re happy with the position, spray enough paint to coat the stencil. Once the paint has dried, give it a second coat. Make sure the stencil is in the exact same position, otherwise it’ll look messy. You may want to coat your paver with a sealer to protect the new print. Voila! You’ll have the same old pavers in your backyard, but with their fresh new look, it’ll seem as though you’ve put them there just for some springtime cheer. Why not decorate smooth river stones to make a garden feature while you're at it?

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 21 Have you ever found that your flowers are so low to the ground they’re virtually invisible? Raising them up onto a table or stool is one way to boost their visibility. But what if you really want them to catch your eye? Create a flower pyramid! This is a really easy, ingenious idea to make a colourful verandah piece that will steal all the attention. You’ll need three pot plants (or more if you’re ambitious) of receding sizes. Fill the largest with dirt and place the mid-sized one in the centre. Again fill that with dirt and position the smallest pot in the middle. Then comes the fun part – filling it with flowers. Plant different colours or species on each level for a full and vibrant effect. You can also choose to create a herb pyramid with different herb species on each level. They’ll be easily distinguishable and the different leaves, colours and scents will be a treat to the senses. Spring is about light breezes and placid, pastel colours. It has the perfect outdoor temperature, which is what makes us all tempted to go outside and win back a glowing tan. But even in the soft sun of spring, UV rays can be harmful so it’s good to have a shelter you can retreat to. A light canopy is just what you need in spring. You can use a lightweight fabric that lets in some (but importantly, not all) of that spring sun. You simply need a few bamboo stakes, fence posts or trees to help string up the canvas and you’re good to go. And of course, pick something that’s bright, like a soft yellow, purple or pink to blend with the baby buds around you. flower planters triple-tiered Canopies airy Why not try weaving fabric though pergola beams if you already have a structure up? Great way to use mismatching pots you might have lying around!

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 22 Nothing shouts out colour more than a beautiful mosaic. We recommended you create a DIY mosaic table as a beautiful centrepiece for your outdoor living area, but you could just as easily mosaic a garden path or garden bed trimming using the same process. Mosaics sound like a really hard thing to pull off, but they’re surprisingly simple. And you can buy pretty much all your materials from your local hardware or home store. You can mosaic with standard tiles (which you can pick up from a tile supplier) or you can do something different, such as create a pebble mosaic table like the one by This Old House. mosaic table DIY The essential item of course is a table. Ironwork legs with concrete tables work great for this purpose. You can buy simple designs at home stores, but you might want to browse garage sales or rework an old and disused table of your own. Scrub the table up and it’s ready for tiling. Prepare your concrete or mortar and get sticking! The table The tiles The finished product It’s best to do the edge of the table before pouring your attention into the top design. Make sure the side tiles are big enough that they’ll align with the tiles on top of your table. Try to have an idea of your design before you begin. You may want to even draw that pattern in with a permanent marker before laying down the tiles. Then you simply have to follow the design, buttering up each tile before you fit it into place. Make sure to wipe away any excess mortar that crept up over the tiles as you go. It’ll be much easier to swipe off wet than when it’s hard as concrete! You may want to seal your tiles with a sealer if they’re particularly porous. Then you grout the whole surface, pushing the grout between the tile spaces and then wiping the top with a damp sponge a few times. Let it set for a few days and then coat the whole lot with a sealant and it’s all ready to go. Put it out on your verandah and it’ll look perfect alongside your new triple-tiered flower planter! (See page 21) CLICK HERE To check out the step by step guide to make this pebble mosaic table

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 23 Well there you have it. Are you inspired? We hope we have you ready to unleash your creative side. Spring is about reawakening. With the flowers budding, the trees growing new leaves and the sun peeping through the wintry grey, it’s time to get out there and refresh your garden. Give it the ultimate do-over. Reconsider before you throw the old wheelbarrow out - can you give it a new life and a new purpose? Think carefully before planting your spring seeds - can you use them in the kitchen or mix them into luscious bathroom products? Make this spring about optimising your garden to get the most out of it. Make it entertainment-friendly with heaters, fire pits, barbecues and cosy lounge chairs. But try to think about all your senses. You’re probably well adapted to creating a beautiful-looking garden that feels great to be in. But aside from warmth, shade, lounge chairs and pretty flowers, have you considered taste, smell, and touch? Turn your garden into a riot for the senses. Plant lavender and roses to entice you outside with their fragrance alone. Sow herb and vegetable seedlings to tempt the tastebuds when they’re fully grown. And incorporate all manner of natural materials such as metal, wood, stone and sand into your surrounds so you (and the kids) will want to get out there for a full sensory delight! We hope that in creating the ultimate Spring Makeover in your garden, you’ll reawaken your mind to the possibilities and beauties of backyard living. Spring inspired soh e r eis get

“spring makeover ideas (your ultimate guide)” © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 24 photo credits fabulous Hammock & Feet Jamie in Bytown via PAGE 2 Herb glass pots glassartsd via PAGE 4 Sock Pot Plant PAGE 5 Colourful Nest PAGE 5 Painted tyre pot Mario Afonso via PAGE 6 Outdoor cinema Chad Miller via PAGE 8 Stenciled stones PAGE 20 Stenciled pavers PAGE 20 Shade sail PAGE 21 material pergola PAGE 21 mosaic pebble PAGE 22 mosaic table Robyn Jay via PAGE 22 campfire S’mores PAGE 9 Yoga Andrey via PAGE 10 Seedling cup PAGE 12 Seedling in hand PAGE 13 diy fire pit PAGE 17 Orchard Andrew McFarlane via PAGE 18 chapter 1 chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5 chapter 6 chapter 2

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Candy stripe christmas

November 10, 2014

CandyStripe Christmas 2014

Memoria de la Historia de la Asociación socio-cultural de mujeres Solastiar (1994-...

De nos jours beaucoup de personnes ne connaissent pas encore le terme de domotique...

This is a beautiful narration of the journey of a couple (goodness, betrayal) from...

This is a beautiful narration of the journey of a couple (goodness, betrayal) from...

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