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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: jgerald001

Source: slideshare.net

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 Divide  Multiply  Subtract  Bring Down  Then Start Over until nothing is left to bring down.  Write your numbers 1-9 and multiply by your divisor.

 Tom and his four friends were going to share 124 pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy would each person get?

 Mrs. Gerald was planning a field trip for her students. She had to put in a request for buses. There are 72 students going on the trip and each bus holds 21 students. How many buses will she need to request so that everyone gets to go on the fields trip?

Seven pumpkins were brought in for Pumpkin Day. There were 46 students that need to share a pumpkin. How many students will be in each group?

1. 283 / 8 = 2. 439 / 3 = 3. 782 / 6 = 4. 609 / 5 = 5. 324 / 2 =

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