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Published on May 20, 2009

Author: cdeweese

Source: slideshare.net


WCF Presentation for the St Louis .NET User Group - May 2009

Diving Into Services With WCF Chris Deweese

Announcements / Contact Chris • Twitter: @cdeweese • Web: http://christopherDeweese.com • From IL? See me about an IL Metro .NET Users Group • St Louis Day of .NET August 28-29 @Ameristar in St Charles

Agenda • Part 1 – WCF Basics ▫ What & Why of WCF ▫ Key Concepts ▫ WCF Architecture ▫ ABCs of WCF ▫ Code! And Demo • Part 2 – Advanced WCF ▫ Business Case ▫ Architecture ▫ Code! And Demo

What is WCF • Framework for building service-oriented applications • Separates the logic of services from the channels they communicate on • Messages based on Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) • Support for REST & Plain-old Xml (POX) as of .NET 3.5

Why WCF • Evolution of service oriented thinking • Remoting, Message Queuing, and ASMX were designed on different stacks • WCF unifies the programming model for exposing services through different channels (Web, Message Queues, TCP) ▫ Service logic and function is not dependent on the channel or transport

Key WCF Concepts • Service – Unit of work exposed to the world. • Endpoint – the collection of the services address, binding, and contract. • Binding – How you interact with the service at the wire level. • Channel – Picks the message up from the wire format and brings it into the WCF stack. • Dispatcher – Manages execution of service code by routing messages to the appropriate service instance and method. • Behavior – How you can control the local execution of a service.

Hosting WCF Services • In Process • Windows Service • Web Service (IIS) • Windows Activation Services ▫ WAS allows you to host a service on any binding

WCF Architecture

ABC’s of WCF

Address • “Dude where’s my service?” • The location of the service on the network where it can be reached. ▫ http://localhost/wantedperson/v1/wanted.svc ▫ net.msmq://localhost/private/wantedpersonv1 ▫ net.tcp://localhost:6000/wantedpersonv1 • Set via configuration or through code

Binding • “How do I talk to this thing?” • The protocol and policies used to connect to the service at it’s address. • WCF Provided Bindings ▫ Http(BasicHttp, WsHttp, WsDualHttp, WsFederation) ▫ NetMsmq ▫ MsmqIntegration ▫ NetNamedPipe ▫ NetTcp ▫ NetPeerTcp • Set via configuration or through code

Contract • “What’s it going to do for me?” • Defines the operations, inputs, outputs, and message exchange patterns of the service. • Defined using an Interface; wired into WCF by using the ServiceContract attribute. Methods use the OperationContract attribute. Classes use the DataContract attribute and members use the DataMember attribute. • WCF Serialization is “Opt-In”

WCF Basics – Demo and Code!

Photo by szeke: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pedrosz/

Part II: Advanced WCF

Concepts Demonstrated • Tracing • Fault Contracts • Multiple Endpoints • Custom Service Host • Custom Service Behavior ▫ Unity Integration for Inversion of Control ▫ Unity Lifetime Manager (Singleton) • Service Instancing Behavior • Enterprise Library Exception Handling Integration

WCF Advanced – Demo and Code!


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