Diversify Your Risk & Income with a Portfolio Career

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Information about Diversify Your Risk & Income with a Portfolio Career

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: lschlafly

Source: slideshare.net


A portfolio career strategy is a purposeful and strategic way to structure different types of earned income: part time employee, part time consultant, freelancer, independent contractor, independent business owner. Balance can be created by including volunteer work, and personal hobbies.

Portfolio Careers Diversify Your Risk and Income

7.9 million jobs… gone forever.


Skills. Marketable. Transferrable. YOURS.

Yes, Y0U.



Portfolio Career ● noun 1. “A process you pursue purposefully and positively, as a way to achieve a mixture of financial and personal goals.” -Penelope Trunk

You . In a briefcase. By 2020, more than 40% of the American workforce will be… •Freelancers •Contractors •Temp workers A.K.A PRACTICING THEIR PORTFOLIO CAREERS

…A suitable work-life blend. (Remember…there’s more to you than your job!)

Easier said than done? A CHEF A LAWYER AND A WRITER Not necessarily! Keep your eyes open…you’ll start seeing examples everywhere.

Part-time assistant manager at a neighborhood yoga studio Virtual assistant for several clients Creative writing student Volunteer with organizations I care about

“I love how these activities challenge different parts of me.”

Internet technologies Social media marketing Virtual offices Virtual assistants Skype Webinars Distance learning… THE INTERNET HAS CHANGED THE WAY WE WORK

People over 55 are almost TWICE as likely to found successful companies as those between 20 and 34.

Consider creating a portfolio career if……


Can you afford a portfolio career?

•Make an inventory of your assets •Know where your money comes from • Know your personal expenses •Keep an eye on your debt •You may need to cut back : what are “must haves” and what are “wants”? IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CASH FLOW!

Explore yourself.

Follow-through Persuasive Motivator Detail-oriented Initiator Problem-solver Innovator Strengths

Challenging Creative Variety Adventure Control Flexibility Freedom Structure Casual Quiet Collaboration Humor Autonomy Support Integrity Authenticity Balance

Successful portfolio careerists… Are good at working under pressure Have good time management skills Like taking risks Manage stress well Enjoy tracking new projects Like variety and change Enjoy networking Are self-motivated Are flexible Are good at improvising Are confident Don’t get hung up on perfection Can remain calm, even in a money shortage

After getting to know YOURSELF, get to know the MARKET… Where is the demand for your skills, talents, and strengths?

Getting Started Strategies • The “Starter Position” strategy • The “6 Months of Savings” Strategy • The “Part-Time in Your Current Field” Strategy • The “Just Do It” Strategy

Resources • And What do You Do? by Hopkins and Ledger • • • Roadmap to Success, Chapter 12 by Laura Schlafly The Encore Career Handbook by Marci Alboher Encore by Marc Freedman Career Choices with Laura www.CareerChoiceswithLaura.com laura@careerchoiceswithlaura.com 971-208-5852

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