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Information about Distributing Our Film

Published on February 14, 2014

Author: JadeMelady

Source: slideshare.net


This presentation was created to go on our A2 media blogs (coursework) - it is a short presentation about how and what we will use to distribute our film to our audience.
You can view our blogs by clicking the links;

0 Distribution is the most important part of the film industry, where completed films are bought to life and connected with an audience. The release of a new film will result in a media-wide campaign with material generated across different media such as TV, magazines, radio, newspapers and the internet. To distribute 'Inside My Reality' we would make a cross-media campaign which we would get funding for from both the BFI and our production company. 0 Funding´╗┐ Our film would be classified as Category D i.e. : films made in the UK with (usually) British cultural content, but financed fully or partly by American companies.

Film Package 0 A film package will usually include many different forms of conveying similar information, such as a trailer, posters, a website and a main article in a magazine, and many more. This synergy promotes and advertises the film to a wider range of an audience.

How will we distribute our film and promotional products?

Viral/Internet Marketing 0 Viral marketing is an essential promotional base to use as 98% of 16-24 year olds (our target audience) use social networking. Also, 22% of teenagers log in and out of Facebook over 10 times a day. The total amount of page views on YouTube receives each month is 92 billion. 0 We would use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube to promote our film, through pages, videos and pictures and we will also use these to distribute our film package (poster, trailer and magazine).

Billboards 0 Billboards are a good way of getting your point across to a large amount of people in a very short amount of time, in this case, our point is our film. The amount of people in the UK that drive cars is 75%. This means placing billboards in popular places in the country will help reach a larger target market. On our billboard we would have the title of our film, a picture displaying our character and what the film is related to, the tagline to further introduce the story line and genre and the date of its release.

Film Poster 0 Also, our poster will become iconic, being displayed on the internet (google images, cinema website, social networking etc.) and in cinemas our poster will become associated with our film, and also give people the information they need. 0 There are thousands of universities in the UK, placing film posters around campuses will help boost promotion and advertise our film to our specific targeted age group. 0 We will display our poster in schools/universities, online on social networking sites, cinema and film websites, and google.

Interviews 0 We have produced a magazine that will feature our new film, and inside we will include interviews of cast and directors. This will help our audience connect better with the themes of the film and the characters. 0 We will also do radio and television interviews in order to promote our film and spread the word of its release.

Film Festivals 0 Showing a preview release of our film at a film festival will increase popularity and hype of our film and will promote it further. 0 It will also allow us to target a specific type of audience and promote our film in different places/countries.

Word Of Mouth 0 Word of mouth is an essential marketing base for any film, if someone says a film is good, then more people will see it, if they say it was terrible, your viewings will drop. 0 We could arrange previews for the film clubs in local schools, colleges and universities in order to make the product reach its target audience. Doing this will also help promote word-of-mouth, meaning that the word of our film will get around our targeted age group rapidly.

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