Distributed Reactive Architecture: Extending SOA with Events

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Information about Distributed Reactive Architecture: Extending SOA with Events

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: StevePember

Source: slideshare.net

Distributed Reactive Architecture with Rabbit MQ Rabbit MQ Steve Pember Today, 2014

A Few Questions

Have you ever... Wondered why your company’s codebase is all in one repo? codebase is all in one repo?

Have you ever... thought “why are there so many #@$!% tables in this database?

Have you ever... Dreaded executing the unit test suite?

Have you ever... Gone through a major refactoring of your app?

Have you ever... Gone on an ‘archeological expedition’ on the codebase just to add a new feature?

With “Traditional” Monolithic Architecture, One can Reach MVP quickly.

The entirety of the application’s functionality is in one convenient location.

But that’s it.

WAIT! Won’t scale?

...Sure, but that’s not what I mean.


Architecture choice is more valuable than any framework

Enter SOA

... which creates faster, leaner code ...

... which results in rapid long-term development time...

... and easier code maintainability...

... which saves you Money.

Also, it’s fun! l

Each node can be written without the methods and technologies best suited to it

Separation of Concerns is a Good Thing.


Following this approach requires an architect to drive the distributed vision and keep folks in line. Y

There’s some non-trivial upfront time investing in a service communication format.

Intra-Service communication has a cost, particularly if it’s synchronous.

Becoming Reactive

Event-Driven Scalable Resilient Responsive

“An application must be reactive from top to bottom.” -The Manifesto

Drop synchronous HTTP. Embrace Events.

Message Brokers

Route Messages asynchronously through a message queue when data needs processing

RESTful Messages and Events... ... Consumers only operate on data in the Message.

Add additional nodes to handle load without additional configuration

Plus Additional Decoupling on…

But which Broker to pick?

Rabbit MQ Language Agnostic (additional decoupling) Message Persistence Message Recovery

Slower than other Brokers due to the amazing features.

Especially with Persistence

spember@cantina.co @svpember

Leaping* Into Rabbit MQ *I’m sorry.

Work Queues will likely be your default pattern

The Biggest Case Study


Change was Needed

Monolithic: 200-300 requests/ sec /host Reactive: 10 - 20K requests / sec / host

During the 2010 World Cup, Twitter hit a record of 3283 TPS

Average 5700 TPS Dynamically scale to 143,199 TPS…

With 5x - 12x fewer machines than before

Thank You!

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