Distributed Logging Architecture in Container Era

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Information about Distributed Logging Architecture in Container Era

Published on July 13, 2016

Author: tagomoris

Source: slideshare.net

1. Distributed Logging Architecture in Container Era LinuxCon Japan 2016 at Jun 13 2016 Satoshi "Moris" Tagomori (@tagomoris)

2. Satoshi "Moris" Tagomori (@tagomoris) Fluentd, MessagePack-Ruby, Norikra, ... Treasure Data, Inc.

3. http://www.linuxfoundation.org/news-media/announcements/2016/06/chaosuan-crunchy-data-qbox-storageos-and-treasure-data-join-cloud

4. Topics • Microservices and logging in various industries • Difficulties of logging with containers • Distributed logging architecture • Patterns of distributed logging architecture • Case Study: Docker and Fluentd

5. Logging

6. Logging in Various Industries • Web access logs • Views/visitors on media • Views/clicks on Ads • Commercial transactions (EC, Game, ...) • Data from devices • Operation logs on Apps of phones • Various sensor data

7. Microservices and Logging • Monolithic service • a service produces all data about an user's behavior • Microservices • many services produce data about an user's access • it's needed to collect logs from many services to know what is happening Users Service (Application) Logs Users Logs

8. Logging and Containers

9. Containers: "a must" for microservices • Dividing a service into services • a service requires less computing resources
 (VM -> containers) • Making services independent from each other • but it is very difficult :( • some dependency must be solved even in development environment
 (containers on desktop)

10. Redesign Logging: Why? • No permanent storages • No fixed physical/network address • No fixed mapping between servers and roles • We should parse/label logs at the source, ship these logs by pushing to destination ASAP

11. Containers: immutable & disposable • No permanent storages • Where to write logs? • files in the container
 → gone w/ container instance

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