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Published on December 14, 2017

Author: mitsdeonline

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Distance MBA in Kolkata-MITSDE : Distance MBA in Kolkata-MITSDE http://www.mitsde.com http:// www.mitsde.com 1 Distance MBA in Kolkata -MITSDE : For many career enthusiasts, Kolkata remains their ultimate calling with its unique mix of old world charm and modernity. The ‘City of Joy’ is a preferred destination for many job-seekers who throng the city in pursuit of employment opportunities and affordable living standards. If you too are eyeing a flying start to your career in the capital city, then it is essential that you harness the competitive advantage of a Distance MBA in Kolkata to exploit the career prospects that exist in the intellectual city http:// www.mitsde.com 2 Distance MBA in Kolkata -MITSDE Industrial Landscape of Kolkata: Despite its economic slump post India’s independence, Kolkata has resurged itself and boasts a flourishing economic sector today, primarily due to high-growth industries such as information technology and business process outsourcing. Distinguished as the main commercial centre in Eastern and North-Eastern India, Kolkata’s employment landscape is marked with a sizeable labour force while its workforce is primarily employed in sectors such as agriculture, forestry, mining, service industry and manufacturing. The city is also witness to a booming real estate sector and a growing hospitality industry. Infrastructure, insurance, finance, banking, retail, pharmaceuticals, heavy engineering, electronics, textiles and jute are few of the other sectors that have contributed to Kolkata’s economic upturn. http:// www.mitsde.com 3 Industrial Landscape of Kolkata Accomplish New Heights in Your Career with a Distance MBA in Kolkata: Why settle for the run-of-the-mill jobs when you can aim for the most gratifying and high-paying roles in the industry by enrolling for distance management courses in Kolkata ? In today’s dynamic world, being complacent with your existing qualifications and skills can render you unemployable or stagnant in no time! Make a smart career move with MITSDE’s Distance MBA in Kolkata. Not only will you be exposed to futuristic industry trends, but you will also have the flexibility to pursue a customised MBA curriculum that blends harmoniously with your existing job schedule. http:// www.mitsde.com 4 Accomplish New Heights in Your Career with a Distance MBA in Kolkata Slide5: 5 THANK YOU !! Website : www.mitsde.com Toll-Free No.: 1800 - 210 - 0103 http:// www.mitsde.com

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