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Information about Distance

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: jclargado



just a poem

DISTANCE Jessica C. Largado Whenever I see you smile Seems like I’m walking in the aisle In my stomach, there’re butterflies Darkness is lost, I can see light. When I see you unexpectedly, You turn my knees into jelly And I couldn’t walk properly So I need someone to hold me. Whenever you talk to me Or when they try to tease me, My face turns red, do you see? You have that effect on me. Whenever I hear your name, I stop with what I’m doing, Listen to what they are saying Although I know it’s a bad thing.

When they say good things about you, I just smile, feel proud of you Wonder if I can be like you Cause I really idolize you. But whenever they say bad things, I throw an angry look at them Cause you don’t deserve backbitings You are great, that’s what I’m saying. Do you know what I really feel? Whenever you are very near My heart really does beat faster And calming it becomes harder. When I feel some kind of pain Or when I feel like cryin’, I just have to imagine your face that is smilin’.

I remember that moment you laugh It’s like music, I want to hear much And believe me, it was just enough to forget my problems and be tough. I know I’ve to forget this feeling Because I am not to your liking But please just remember this one thing In my heart, you’ll always be living.

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