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Published on July 4, 2009

Author: guest56aeb3

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RASTER SCAN SYSTEMS • Interactive raster graphics employ several processing units • Apart from CPU, a special purpose processor called video controller or display controller  control operation of the display device • Simple raster graphics system

VIDEO CONTROLLER • Fixed area of system memory reserved for frame buffer • Video controller given direct access to frame buffer to refresh the screen • Coordinate origin is defined at lower left corner • Scan lines labeled from ymax at the top of the screen to 0 at the bottom

BASIC REFRESH OPERATIONS • Registers store the Horizontal and Raster Scan Vertical Deflection Generator Voltages coordinates of the screen pixels X Register Y Register • X  0; Y  ymax • Value stored in frame Memory Pixel Intensity buffer is used to set Address Register the intensity of the CRT Frame Buffer

• X incremented by 1; process repeated for each pixel along the scan line • Procedure is repeated for each scan line • After cycling through all pixels, refresh process starts over • To speed up processing, multiple pixel intensities are retrieved • Stored in separate register to control the CRT for group of adjacent pixels

• In high quality systems, two frame buffers are provided • One used for refreshing and other is filled with intensity values • Thus provides a fast mechanism for real time animation – different views successively loaded into refresh buffers

RASTER SCAN DISPLAY PROCESSOR Display processor Frame Video Monitor Memory Buffer Controller CPU Display System Processor Memory System bus

RASTER SCAN DISPLAY PROCESSOR • Separate display processor free CPU from graphics chores • Separate display processor memory also provided • Major task  digitizing picture definition into set of pixel intensities : scan conversion

• Display processor perform additional operations like generating various line styles, displaying various color areas and performing certain manipulations • To reduce memory requirements  Run length encoding : Store each scan line as a set of integer  Cell encoding : Encode as a set of rectangular areas

RANDOM SCAN SYSTEMS • Organization • Application program is input and stored in system memory along with the graphics package • Graphics commands in the application pgm is translated by graphics package into a display file which is accessed by display processor • Display processor  DPU or graphics controller

SIMPLE RASTER SYSTEM System Video CPU Monitor Memory Controller System Bus I/O Devices BACK

COMMON ORGANIZATION FOR RASTER SYSTEMS System Frame Video CPU Monitor Memory Buffer Controller System Bus I/O Devices BACK

RANDOM SCAN SYSTEMS System Display CPU Monitor Memory Processor System Bus I/O Devices BACK

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