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Published on June 22, 2007

Author: passionradio


SHUTTLE PROCESSING (Before Flight Activities Rarely Seen By The General Public) DISCOVER --- DISCOVERY

External Tank Arrives by Barge from MS


Vertical Assembly Building External Tank

Removing External Tank From Carrier


External Tank Enters VAB

External Tank in VAB

Preparing to Lift the Tank to Vertical

Lifting Tank

Solid Rockets Are Attached

Engines Are Attached To Solids

Engines Are Attached To The Shuttle In The Shuttle Processing Facility




Shuttle In Sling Ready For Lift In VAB

Shuttle Has Been Moved To VAB And And Will Be Attached To External Tank


Shuttle is Attached




Payload Preparation Room (PPR)

Cargo Package For ISS

New Module For ISS

Payload Ready To Be Moved to The Launch Pad


Payload Carrier Leaves PPR


Payload Being Moved To Launch Pad


Lifting Payload Into Position For Insertion Into Discovery When It Arrives At The Pad



Shuttle Discovery Leaves VAB


Shuttle & Crawler Launch Pad TRIP: Length--- 3 ½ mi Time--- 6-8 hours


Crawler Control







We Have Lift Off


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