Discover Drupal Software Advantages & Uses That Can’t Be Ignored.

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Information about Discover Drupal Software Advantages & Uses That Can’t Be Ignored.

Published on April 20, 2019

Author: chetuimon


Slide2: Drupal is open source content management system. Drupal became one of the most comprehensive back-end framework for it contains almost 2.3% of all web sites available worldwide. The script has a very specific programming environment written in PHP. It could also be described as a programmer's platform similar to WordPress or Joomla for its simple scripting. What is Drupal? Slide3: A few key reasons behind the popularity of Drupal CMS: It is free. Developers can use Drupal software without spending a penny. There is a large number of people in the Drupal dedicated community (Users, developers, admin) available to help each other. They can share information to resolve issues on a single platform and get solution in second. There are a huge number of plugins and customizable themes available free of cost. Easily manage, render and configure CMS’s quickly. One of the unique features is its deployment process is very fast and easy Why Drupal (CMS) is So Popular ? Slide4: E-commerce Store websites International multilingual websites Personal informative website Corporate websites Intranet, Community portal sites Blogs site (art, gaming music, food, games, technology, fashion) etc. Forums & Resource directories Social networking sites What Are Drupal Website Usages? Slide5: Open Source & Customizable API Support SEO-Friendly Design Mobile Friendly Flexible and Secure Advantages of using Drupal CMS: Slide6: One of the major advantage is being absolutely free. Lots of free themes are available. Drupal allows highly customization of theme layout and designs; various plugins can be added easily etc. due to these features it is first priority of developers as well as clients. Open Source & Customizable Slide7: API is a necessity on any website. From blogs to commercial websites, Drupal can document social APIs including Facebook, Google Analytics, YouTube, Twitter, Google Apps, LinkedIn and Instagram to name a few. API Support Slide8: Search engine optimization (SEO) friendliness is the key attribute to survive online marketing. Owning an online business is all about getting traffic and visitors. This an important ingredient within an online marketing strategy. Drupal enables SEO-Friendly URLs, custom title, meta-description and keyword optimization for websites. You can say that it has great flexibility of displaying the content that search engine likes and makes your content on top searches. SEO-Friendly Design Slide9: More than 70% of user nowadays prefer to browse on mobile device over laptop, desktop or any other computational device. Drupal is a mobile friendly platform. Meaning users will get the same experience with mobile as they would on a desktop. This feature is very useful to ecommerce sites in order to generate mobile user traffic. Mobile Friendly Slide10: Drupal allows you to create your own functionality and customization of websites. Drupal is consider a highly secured CMS by industry programmers. Using Drupal allows rendering of important data while only authorized admins can access configuration files. Flexible and Secure Slide11: We can simply say that Drupal is a perfect CMS for small, medium or large websites as it has rich features, high-quality in a small amount of time and cost to produce a website that fulfills all the requirements of a businesses needs. If you really want to better manage your business website you must hire an expert Drupal web developer for your unique business need. Conclusion Slide12: Company Name: Chetu Website: https:// Address : 10167 W Sunrise Blvd Suite 200, Plantation, FL 33322 Phone: (954) 342 5676 Fax: (305) 832 5987 Contact Us Slide13: Thank You!

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