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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: TrivediGlobal



Brain filled up with unclear thoughts & forgetting common words during a conversation are the symptoms of Brain fog. Overcome Brain Fog by experiencing The Trivedi Effect®.

Get THE TRIVEDI EFFECT® ---------- Mobile App Now! Discover A New Way To Clear Up The Brain Fog Summary: Brain filled up with unclear thoughts & forgetting common words during a conversation are the symptoms of Brain fog. Overcome Brain Fog by experiencing The Trivedi Effect®. Just imagine! What you see when you peep out of your window, during a foggy day. The sky is covered with huge bunches of cotton balls and you are not being able to see the things around clearly, everything appears misty. This is called as fog. You must have experienced a similar situation in a mental context. Have you experienced any one of the following previously?  Lack of concentration  Forgetting common words during a conversation  Having problem in solving simple numbers  Not able to remember where you have placed the keys in the morning Then these might be the symptoms of brain fog. Brain Fog! What Is This All About? Just imagine springtime filled with fog in the morning, the sun is fading away by the misty fog. The sunshine is lost. A similar situation that happens in your brain is called as brain fog. You will feel as if your brain is totally filled up with unclear thoughts and this prevents you from remembering simple things. There are various reasons that cause brain fog. It might be due to stress, fatigue, depression, nutrient deficiency and so on. It has been revealed that most of the students and teenagers experience brain fog. Here are few ways to cope up with brain fog, especially for students. Highlight and Code with Colors: When we highlight things, or code it with strong colors, we tend to remember those lines easily. Flashcards: Preparing flash cards for important terms and definitions and hanging it in places where you commonly stay will keep these in front of your eyes. This will help you to remember things better even in case of a brain fog. Have A Quiz: you can have your friends or members of your family conduct a quiz. Each and every time you go wrong, let the person who conducts the quiz give out the correct answer twice or thrice and repeat the quiz right from the beginning. Repeat this process each time you go wrong. This will definitely prove as an effective technique. Hear What You Read: Those who experience brain fog can try reading louder, because once we use any of three or four senses for a particular work we tend to increase the capacity to remember it. When you read aloud you use your tongue, ear and eye in conjunction with each other, you will sustain that thing in your brain for longer time and it helps you to cope up with brain fog. Connect With Us…on

Get THE TRIVEDI EFFECT® ---------- Mobile App Now! Try 40:20 ratios: Every time you read for about 40 minutes, relax yourselves for the next 20 minutes, and this will increase your concentration. Increasing your concentration helps dealing with brain fog. Overcome Brain Fog with The Trivedi Effect® When we experience brain fog, it means that our mind is not in harmony with nature. The inner guidance system has to perform at its optimal state for us to stay in harmony with nature. It is this harmony which will keep our body and mind in normal condition. The Trivedi Effect® has been reported to bring an overall enhancement in the potential of people in all walks of their lives which includes bringing a balance in their body, mind and soul. The Trivedi Effect® is a unique phenomenon introduced by Mahendra Trivedi which involves the Energy Transmission of Universal Energy through the power of his thoughts. Tens of thousands of people throughout the world have experienced this phenomenon and have experienced a reduction in their stress levels, fatigue, and anxiety. They have claimed to have found relief from the impact of chronic depression, manic depression, mood disorders, bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, mental restlessness, low confidence, confusion, mental fogginess, emotional trauma, menstrual cycle disorders, sleep disorder, sexual dysfunction, tiredness, financial crisis, and relationship problems in their lives. They are now experiencing lives filled with a greater sense of mental clarity, peace, wellbeing, and happiness. To witness more Trivedi Testimonials™, go to About The Author: The author is a follower of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and has been writing about Energy Transmissions and The Trivedi Effect® frequently. He has also experienced some wonderful life transforming benefits of The Trivedi Effect® and is looking out for more of them. Connect With Us…on

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