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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: Ferry_company

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What is discipleship? What are its cost and benefits? Who is Jesus?

Colegio san francisco de paula 9ºA: Reyes Becerra, Miguel Rodríguez, Fernando Rivero y Julia López DISCIPLESHIP

WHAT IS DISCIPLESHIP? • Christianism • To be a disciple is to follow Jesus’ steps and teachings. And if it is posible, to spread them for other people to know about it.

WHY JESUS’ STEPS AND NOT GOD’S? • Jesus is human • Someone similar to us • God is not similar to us • By the way, we haven’t seen God yet

AND WHO IS JESUS? • A person who lived in the past • Loved his neighbours • Enjoyed helping others • Teached this love to everyone who wanted to hear him

TALES’ TIME! • Let us tell you some parables about Jesus so that you get to know more about him 


Choose the way you would follow if you were in that situation START! You leave the rest alone and go find the lost one You get bored, lose hope and come back You come back son because you think other sheep of the 99 is going to get lost as well You don’t find the sheep You have 100 sheeps And suddenly you lose one! You feel sorry but don’t want to leave the rest just to go and find the lost sheep You don’t care… You have 99 sheeps more, one less is not going to make a difference You regret it and go find it You keep looking for it, even when it gets dark You find the sheep! JESUS

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED… • Jesus had 100 sheeps • And suddenly he lost one of them! • He left the other 99 sheeps to find the lost one • When he found it he was extremely happy • Just think about it… What would you have done and how would you feel?


WHAT REALLY HAPPENED… • Jesus and his disciples were in the village with a big crowd • They had to go because it was late • Jesus didn’t want to leave them, but they had to have dinner! • There were only two fishes and five pieces of bread! It wasn’t enough for everyone! • Jesus multiplied the bread and fishes and fed everyone


WHAT REALLY HAPPENED… 1. You have a coin who is very precious to you 2. You lose it in your house! 5. Goal! 3. You light a lamp and look for it desperately 4. Finally found it! You are extremely happy!

WHO IS EXACTLY JESUS THEN? • Knowing all that… Can you tell who is Jesus now? All these thing are miracles he did to help people, or examples of actions he did because he cared about others • Jesus is the son of God

BENEFITS OF BEING A DISCIPLE • You feel safe and protected • At the end, there is an answer to all your questions • Hope • You want to reach Jesus, therefore you have a goal

COSTS? • There are some: Putting others in first place Ignore temptation • But are not severe, because benefits are much better. • Besides, it is normal that we make some mistakes sometimes, it’s a fact which forms part of our lives.

CONCLUSION • Being a disciple is to follow Jesus and learn about him and his teachings • We follow him and not God because he is similar to us • Although discipleship has some costs, however they are not as important as the benefits.

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