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Published on November 5, 2007

Author: Felipe

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DISC GOLF:  DISC GOLF is for everyone! Teen Magnet! :  Teen Magnet! Discover a game that has “TEENAGER” written all over it! It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s easy to learn. And, Disc Golf can be played every day of the year – even in snow! Serious Growth!:  Serious Growth! Statistics confirm that the growth of Disc Golf over the past 6 years has equaled or surpassed the growth of the sport during its first 20 years! Why is Disc Golf so popular?:  Why is Disc Golf so popular? Disc Golf can be played from school age to old age. Constant challenge in play, family fun, the social nature of the game, growing fitness awareness, and the fact that it is inexpensive to play are all attractions to the game and add to it’s exploding popularity! Disc Golf ...:  Disc Golf ... is played by many of the same rules as Golf - but with a flying disc, or Frisbee, instead of a ball! requires many of the same mental and physical skills as Golf! delivers the same thrills (and frustrations) as Golf and it only takes one good throw to bring you back another day! A typical “round” takes about two hours to play! Why play Disc Golf?:  Why play Disc Golf? Disc Golf is fun, easy to learn, and can be enjoyed alone or with friends! From school age to old age, Disc Golf is a game whole families can enjoy (together, even!) making it one of the greatest lifetime fitness sports available! Disc Golf provides upper and lower body conditioning and aerobic exercise, too! How do you play?:  How do you play? The object of Disc Golf is to traverse a course from beginning to end with the fewest number of throws of the disc! Each consecutive throw is made from where the disc came to rest on the previous throw! Once each player has thrown from the tee, the farthest away from the target throws next, and so on, until each has thrown his or her disc into the basket! More “How do you play?”:  More “How do you play?” The initial drive (or long-distance throw) down a fairway is made from a tee, followed by subsequent approach throws (which are shorter and depend more on accuracy than power), until a putt (a short, very accurate throw) allows the disc to come to rest in the hole (a metal basket with chains hanging from the top), thus completing the hole. Even more “How do you play?”:  Even more “How do you play?” Reducing the number of throws between tee and hole is the challenge! A variety of throwing styles is necessary to negotiate natural obstacles such as trees and water hazards, and helps players develop concentration skills! Experiment! Play at your own speed!:  Play at your own speed! Not every player develops the coordination and physical skills necessary to succeed in sports activities at the same rate. Disc Golf offers those border-line, “not-quite-good-enough” or “don’t-really-care-for-traditional-sports” athletes a game at which they can develop skills at their own pace! Players can start slowly and merely match their pace to their individual capabilities! Do you keep score?:  Do you keep score? Score is determined by counting the number of throws made on each hole and totaling at the end of the round The winner is the player who completes the course in the fewest number of throws. Some say the winner is the player who has the most fun! What does it cost to play Disc Golf?:  What does it cost to play Disc Golf? The equipment is inexpensive and, unlike traditional Golf, most Disc Golf courses are free to play as often as you like! Free, in the business of bringing people to our parks, is sooooo good! What about the discs?:  What about the discs? Golf discs are different from what are used to play games of catch. Today’s golf discs are smaller and heavier, manufactured in high-density plastic, and weigh from 140 to 200 grams! Disc Golf discs cost $8 to $18 each - a novice can start with just one but pros may carry 12-15 or even more in their bags - a disc for every possible situation! Why different discs?:  Why different discs? There are discs for drives, for approaches, and for putts - each disc has been designed for a specific task! Golf discs will fly from right to left or from left to right, far or not so far, will predictably roll, or even float! Learning how your discs fly in the wind is the key to successful Disc Golf play. With golf discs, “It’s not the car, it’s the driver!” A Disc Golf course?:  A Disc Golf course? Depending upon the size of the area being utilized, 9, 18, 24, or even more holes will make up a course. The average par 3 Disc Golf hole is about 300 feet long, although some holes are more than 1000 feet in length and play as Par 5. A full 18-hole course will fit comfortably into most public parks, and with good design, have minimal impact on other everyday activities! Disc Golf course design :  Disc Golf course design Disc Golf courses are usually situated in areas of parks which are unused or unsuitable for more-traditional recreational sport use, such as Baseball and Soccer! Disc Golf course designers work with the available terrain and topography - woodlots, open meadows, hills, valleys, ravines, and water - all of which provide natural obstacles to the flight of the disc! Course design standards ensure success:  Course design standards ensure success The PDGA (described later) has created standards for the design and installation of new courses to ensure success within the community. Need help? Just ask! How much money? How much space?:  How much money? How much space? Under $15,000! This cost includes everything: design and layout, hardware (the “holes” or targets), all signage, concrete tee pads, and freight - everything but land to put it on! A 9-hole course can be established on as little as five acres of land; a true championship-caliber 18-hole course may utilize 30 to 40 acres! Course maintenance:  Course maintenance Maintenance and upkeep costs are low! Determining and defining fairways and “rough” or “No-Mow Zones” will take many man-hours off the mowing schedule and add aesthetic appeal! Vandalism…NOT!:  Vandalism…NOT! Vandalism throughout the park will be reduced significantly because of the sheer numbers of players on the course at any given time. Players take ownership in “their” course and inappropriate activities are strongly discouraged! Local players are key!:  Local players are key! Encouraging a friendly working relationship between your Parks Department and local players is the key to a beautiful, low-maintenance Disc Golf course! Litter pickup and weed-trimming, at many courses, are accepted as responsibility of the local Disc Golf club! Local clubs:  Local clubs Clubs provide information to the public about the sport of Disc Golf. Disc Golf clubs may offer league play, matching beginners with more-experienced players to give rookies a chance to learn various throws, rules of play, and course etiquette. Club members also understand that they must work cooperatively with the Parks Department for their sport to continue to grow! Recreation programs:  Recreation programs Schools are introducing Disc Golf into their physical education programs from grade school to the university level. Recreation programmers and Community Adult Education programs are offering “Learn To Play Disc Golf” classes. Why is participation in the sport exploding? The rules of play are simple so beginners catch on quickly and immediately begin to have fun! Disc Golf vs. Tennis How many can play in a day?:  Disc Golf vs. Tennis How many can play in a day? Disc Golf: One foursome can play one round in two hours. With 18 tees, that means that 72 players can play at one time, and 288 can play in eight hours! Tennis: One doubles match lasts two hours so just 16 players can use a court in one eight-hour time period! Where can I play?:  Where can I play? There are now 1,355 Disc Golf courses around the world! 1,128 courses are located in the United States! Disc Golf courses can be found in all 50 United States, Africa, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Guam, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Taiwan. Where can I play Disc Golf in the Commonwealth?:  Where can I play Disc Golf in the Commonwealth? There are currently 23 Disc Golf courses to play in Kentucky! Alexandria, Bowling Green (5), Brandenberg, Burlington (2), Danville, Elizabethtown, Ft. Thomas, Georgetown, Harrodsburg, Independence, Lexington (2), Louisville, Muldraugh, Owensboro, Somerset (2), and Taylor Mill! Is Disc Golf a competitive sport?:  Is Disc Golf a competitive sport? There are professional and amateur tournament events for male and female players scheduled somewhere in the United States nearly every weekend of the year! The PDGA invites the top Amateur and Professional players to the Disc Golf World Championships! Bluegrass State Games:  Bluegrass State Games The Bluegrass State Summer Games (for Kentuckians only) first offered Disc Golf as a competitive event in 1998! Kentucky is only Winter State Games to offer Disc Golf, adding the event in ’99. Winter (February) and Summer (July) Bluegrass State Games Disc Golf events are contested at Kenton County’s Banklick Woods Park in Independence! How about seniors competitions?:  How about seniors competitions? Disc Golf was first included in the Kentucky Senior Games in 1999 for players aged 50 or better and has been a Northern Kentucky Senior Games event since 1995! The PDGA “Grandmasters” division is for men and women 50 and older, “Senior Grandmasters” are 60+, and a division for “Legends” begins at 70! More annual events:  More annual events The Ice Bowl (January) helps to promote the sport of Disc Golf and raise funds for local food pantries! The Worlds Biggest Disc Golf Weekend (May) introduces many thousands of players to the sport each year on more than 200 courses around the country! The United States Disc Golf Championship, held in Rock Hill, SC is striving to become the premier “spectator’s event”, much like the PGA tour for (ball) Golf and features a “one division, one champion” format! PDGA - Governing body for the sport of Disc Golf :  PDGA - Governing body for the sport of Disc Golf The Professional Disc Golf Association is the non-profit players’ organization responsible for sport promotion, membership registration, and rules implementation. The PDGA sanctions tournaments, trains and tests officials (more than 800 currently), publishes the quarterly magazine Disc Golf World News, and provides direction and assistance regarding all things Disc Golf! PDGA Contacts:  PDGA Contacts PDGA 115 Front St. East, Suite 485 Toronto, ON Canada M5A 4S6 416.203.9628 fax 416.203.9629 office@pdga.com www.pdga.com PDGA Memberships 111 Wills Rd., Suite A Alpharetta, GA 30004-1437 888.840.PDGA (7342) The PDGA...:  The PDGA... has over 7,500 current members. Membership has increased 10-15% for the 6th consecutive year! schedules a Pro Tour of weekend divisional-play tournaments, in which players are awarded points for their order of finish. In 2002, there were more than 35,000 player-entries competing in 425 sanctioned events! Total prize money will exceed $1,000,000 for the first time in 2003! Kentucky’s PDGA-sanctioned events in 2003:  Kentucky’s PDGA-sanctioned events in 2003 Mar 29-30 Lexington Open V Apr 5-6 Bowling Green Open for Ams Apr 12-13 X-Treme X-Tier, Middleburg Apr 26-27 Fling-A-Thing Pro/Am Doubles, Brandenburg May 16-18 Bowling Green Open for Pros More 2003 PDGA sanctioned events in Kentucky:  More 2003 PDGA sanctioned events in Kentucky  May 17 Flying Freeman Open, Elizabethtown May 24-25 Disc ‘N Dat Bluegrass Open, Independence Aug 16-17 Pioneer Days, Harrodsburg Oct 25-26 Nat’s Halloween 20, Bowling Green Nov 2-3 X-Treme X-Tier, Middleburg The PDGA World’s:  The PDGA World’s Since 1982, top players are invited to the PDGA World Championships! In 2002 in Houston, Texas, 225 Pro players competed for over $50,500 in titles and prize money! Competitors from Canada, the Cayman Islands, Finland, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and the United States participated! The 2002 Amateur World’s, in Miami, Florida, boasted 279 competitors! The Professional Disc Golf Association World Championships 2003:  The Professional Disc Golf Association World Championships 2003 In 2003, the PDGA Pro World’s will be held in Flagstaff, Arizona! Kansas City, Missouri will host the PDGA Amateur World’s! PDGA programs:  PDGA programs Matching Baskets - An annual grant awarded to a college or university in the form of nine baskets when the school agrees to buy nine more and install and maintain a Disc Golf course on school property! Georgetown University was the first-ever recipient of this grant! Innovation Grants - The PDGA also awards up to three $400 grants annually to help promote the growth of Disc Golf at the grass-roots level! Disc Golf publications:  Disc Golf publications Disc Golf World News PO Box 025678 Kansas City, MO 64102 816.471.DISC (3472) fax 816.471.GOLF (4653) rickdgwn@aol.com $$$ for a new Disc Golf course?:  $$$ for a new Disc Golf course? Sell tee sign sponsorships to local merchants for one year, three years, or five years! Concentrate on businesses that may benefit directly by advertising at your course - nearby convenience stores, restaurants, and gas stations. Usually, the local club members will help locate tee sign sponsors…ask for their help! Disc sales to generate $$$:  Disc sales to generate $$$ P&R departments can raise significant dollars thru sales of golf discs and accessories, in addition to food and drink concessions. When buying discs to sell, have discs imprinted with your P&R, city, or county logo, creating a terrific traveling promotional tool and collectable item, which you will sell easily at a nice profit! Disc manufacturing companies will be happy to work with you - sell 2,000 discs annually for profits in excess of $7,000! Some of your best Web connections are…:  Some of your best Web connections are… circularproductions.com dgc-online.com discgolf.com disclife.com discgolfassoc.com discgolfworld.com discndatonline.com More great web connections are…:  More great web connections are… discraft.com disctvonline.com dtworld.com gottagogottathrow.com innovadiscs.com pdga.com DISC GOLF is for everyone!:  DISC GOLF is for everyone! For information regarding this presentation, and how it can be modified for your own use, contact: Steve Trauger Kenton County Parks & Recreation 3902 Richardson Rd., Independence, KY 41051 859.525.PLAY (7529) fax 859.525.7265 steve.trauger@kentoncounty.org

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