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Information about Disaster

Published on March 23, 2014

Author: Rahul49847

Source: authorstream.com

What are Disasters: What are Disasters A disaster whether Natural or Human-induced, is an event which results in widespread human loss. It is accompanied by loss in a definite area. PowerPoint Presentation: A Pic Of Disasters Types of Disasters: Types of Disasters There Are Two Types Of Disasters:- Natural Disasters Man-Made Disasters Natural Disasters: Natural Disasters Natural disasters are the disasters caused by a natural hazard and leads to human, material, economic and environmental losses, which exceed the ability of those affected to cope. Man-Made Disasters: Man-Made Disasters Man-made Disasters are the disasters triggered by the human hazard causing human, material, economic and environmental losses, which exceed the ability of those affected to cope. What is Disaster management: What is Disaster management DISASTER MANAGEMENT IS PRACTISE OF DEALING WITH THE OCCURING DISASTERS AND USING THE DIFFERENT STRATEGIES IN ORDER TO SAVE OURSELF AND OTHERS FOM THE DISTRUCTIVE AFFECTS OF A DISASTER Weapons of Mass Destruction: Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD are weapons which bring a huge loss to life, property and environment. These are of three types:- Nuclear Biological Chemical Nuclear Accidents: Nuclear Accidents A Nuclear Weapon is a type of explosive weapon that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions of fission. Biological Accidents: Biological Accidents Biological Weapon is referred to “Poor Man ‘s Nuclear Bomb” because they are easy to manufacture and have ability to kill thousands of people Chemical and Industrail Accidents : Chemical and Industrail Accidents Chemical Weapon is easy to manufacture as they are manufactured using simple chemicals and are difficult to detect as they are colourless and odourless. Precautions: Precautions Do not look at fire blast. Close all the doors and windows, arid stay indoors till further communication from the Govt. Don’t consume any food during nuclear blast. Await Govt. instructions if you have to move out of your house. To minimize disasters Govt. had taken many actions and one of these is NATIONAL DISASTER MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY : To minimize disasters Govt. had taken many actions and one of these is NATIONAL DISASTER MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY

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