Disability Lawyer, Not a Miracle Worker

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Information about Disability Lawyer, Not a Miracle Worker

Published on November 29, 2016

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1. Disability Lawyer, Not a Miracle Worker Having a disability lawyer proves quite helpful when filing for disability benefits. In fact, most cases are denied without outside help. Going up against the Social Security Administration (SSA) without any backup is like going up against a well-equipped insurance company—they are more experienced, have more resources, and they hold the power, not you. However, you cannot rely fully on your disability lawyer in order to receive your benefits. The Importance of a Disability Lawyer Having an experienced lawyer to help with Social Security benefits can be one of your most valuable assets. Not only are these attorneys experienced and skilled communicators, but also they have the ability to speak directly to your physician, the judge, and the Social Security Administration themselves. Plus, they are experts with the law, so they will clearly be able to see whether your case meets the Social Security disability requirements. In addition, they can address critical elements in your work and medical history when reviewing your case. Having an attorney that is familiar with Social Security disability claims can also increase your chances of winning your case if you decide to appeal. Approximately 85 percent of reconsiderations are denied, but if you have a lawyer, he or she can raise your chances of winning by at least 60 percent. Although hiring an attorney does not guarantee your win, it does reassure that you have the correct documentation filed and the right evidence presented.

2. Contact Your Doctor Although having an experienced disability lawyer can strongly help your case, it does not always mean you will win. Your doctor’s opinion is crucial and can sway the decision of the Social Security Administration. After all, your doctor is required to label you as disabled. Also, the SSA needs a professional evaluation from your doctor that judges how well you perform essential tasks. This form is called the Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) form, and is one of the most important parts of your case. Overall, you should have both your doctor and lawyer on your side when filing for disability benefits. The opinion of your doctor is critical to your case’s success since he or she knows firsthand how your disabilities work and how they may limit you, and your attorney is critical because he or she is the one to help win your case. Not only can he or she navigate his or her way through a successful hearing, but also he or she knows how to emphasize the aspects of your case that are necessary to win in court. Article Source: http://jamesmitchellbrown.com/disability-lawyer-not-a-miracle-worker/

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