Direct Object Pronouns

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Information about Direct Object Pronouns

Published on October 16, 2008

Author: aSGuest1146


Slide 1: The session will start at 7:00pm. While you wait… Please test your audio: Tools – Audio – Audio Set up Wizard Direct Object Pronouns Review – Lesson 6.08 ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome! Mrs. Lewis Mrs. Kelley Slide 2: 6.08 - Direct Object Pronouns The basics – What is a Direct Object? A direct object is the person or thing that receives the action of the verb. What is the Direct Object in the following English sentences? I see the flower. We buy the green apples. Roberto eats a big salad. You look for the new cereal. What is the Direct Object in the following Spanish sentences? Yo leo el libro. Compro las zanahorias. Paco quiere el arroz blanco. Usted escucha la radio. Slide 3: What happens if we want to replace the Direct Object in these sentences with a Direct Object Pronoun? Yo leo el libro. Compro las zanahorias. Paco quiere el arroz blanco. Usted escucha la radio. We use a Direct Object Pronoun! Slide 4: Here are the steps for replacing the Direct Object in our sentences with a Direct Object Pronoun: What is the Direct Object in the sentence? Yo compro la fruta. Is the Direct Object Masculine or Feminine? Feminine Is the Direct Object Singular or Plural? Singular What Direct Object Pronoun can you replace the Direct Object with? La Rewrite your sentence, making sure that your Direct Object Pronoun comes before the verb. Yo LA compro. Slide 5: ¡Vamos a practicar! 1. Mi profesora de historia lee un libro. ● Is the direct object masculine or feminine? ● Singular or plural? ● What direct object pronoun would you use to replace it? ● How would you rewrite the sentence to include the direct object pronoun? 2. Miguel compra el arroz en el mercado. 3. Lola y Ana miran a las personas en el supermercado. 4. La profesora y yo miramos a las alumnas en el cine. 5. Usted escucha la radio en su casa. Now it’s time for a quiz!

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