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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: redwoodsadvance



Direct Marketers now look into the trust aspect of consumers vis-à-vis marketing.

Direct Marketing - The Trust Factor

Direct Marketers now look into the trust aspect of consumers vis-à-vis marketing.

This trust factor is given more importance since it was found that the consumers skeptically perceive marketing campaigns and offers.

People see direct marketing business as something that sells things which they actually don’t need.

This has a message for all marketers - they need to be more authentic in their claims.

However, when consumers have this often jaded opinion, experts, from companies like Redwoods Advance, cling on to their view of marketing as a noble profession and strive on undaunted.

What has risen as a common norm is that marketers need to approach their profession as something that has a social commitment.

People want social change. Marketers can tackle many socio-economic and environmental problems along with commercial gains.

Now, marketers are in a situation that their profession is seen as short term in focus, while there are other issues in the society that are to be dealt with.

For the marketers now the real challenge is, to reinvent and find new credibility with consumers and to become the keepers and communicators of truth so that consumers will retain faith in brands.

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