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Published on October 12, 2007

Author: Gourmet

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Slide1:  Prehistoric Beasts from our past Kelli A. Plumeri Grade 2 EDU6302 Fossils We learn about dinosaurs from their fossils. We’ve all heard of fossils and know a little about them. But what do we really know?:  Fossils We learn about dinosaurs from their fossils. We’ve all heard of fossils and know a little about them. But what do we really know? Fossils are the ancient remains of plants and animals. Some plant and animals remains are preserved by nature. They petrify to become fossils. Dinosaur fossils have been found all over the world. Scientists can measure the age of most fossils through a process called radiocarbon dating. Fossil Facts Continued…:  Fossil Facts Continued… Animal fossils are often teeth, bones, or shells. Rarely, whole bodies of animals may be preserved. Why do you think this is? Dinosaur remains are millions of years old. Do you remember the name of the process that tells scientists how old fossils are? Slide4:  Carnivore – Dinosaurs who were carnivores ate meat only. Herbivore – Dinosaurs who were herbivores ate plants only. Omnivore – Dinosaurs who were omnivores ate both plants and meat. What are you? There were three types of diets for dinosaurs. These are: Slide5:  I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT DINOSAURS!!! How many kinds were there? Scientists have found more than 300 kinds of dinosaur fossils. It is likely that there are more dinosaurs awaiting discovery. Where in the world are they from? They have been found all over the world on all of our 7 continents. In our country, USA, they have been found in many of our 50 states. Do you know the names of all 7 continents? Click HERE to find out! To learn more about dinosaur fossils and where they were found, click on the following link: http://www.zoomdinosaurs.com We will be looking at four dinosaurs and learning more about them. Take a look at this chart to see what we will study::  We will be looking at four dinosaurs and learning more about them. Take a look at this chart to see what we will study: Slide7:  Height – 18 feet Weight – 7 tons Length – 40 feet Diet – carnivore Top running speed – about 20 mph The Tyrannosaurus Rex, or T-Rex, is probably the most popular and vicious of all prehistoric animals Slide8:  The T-Rex jaws were 3 feet around. Each of its 60 teeth were shaped like daggers and were 6 inches long. The T-Rex had giant muscular legs and small front arms. How do you think it caught prey? Slide9:  Learn about T-Rex fossil discoveries at: http://www.fieldmuseum.org/ Brachiosaurus:  Brachiosaurus Brachiosaurus is one of the biggest dinosaurs ever found. They roamed the Earth over 130 million years ago! Height – about 40 feet Weight – 80 – 100 tons (this is more than 20 elephants!) Length – 70-90 feet Diet - herbivore Slide11:  Brachiosaurus means “arm lizard” The first Brachiosaurus was discovered over 100 years ago in Colorado. It could have looked over the top of a three-story building. Some scientists believe it lived in the water, using its long neck to keep its head above the surface. Slide12:  Use this diagram to see how big the Brachiosaurus really was! Slide13:  Weight – 6 tons Length – 30 feet Diet – omnivore Fossils found – USA and Canada Along with the T-Rex, Triceratops is probably one of the most famous dinosaurs ever found. Slide14:  Triceratops The Three-Horned Beast Slide15:  The triceratops has three horns on its head. The two main horns on the forehead area are each more than 3 feet long! The horns were used for wrestling and charging the enemy. The “frill” is the part of the head that expands out beyond the neck and back. The head and frill together were more than 6 feet long! Stegosaurus:  Stegosaurus The Stegosaurus had bony plates down its back. Some scientists believe these were used for protection from flesh-eating dinosaurs. Weight – 2 tons Length – 30 feet Diet – omnivore Fossils found – USA, Europe, Africa, India, and China Slide17:  Stegosaurus was first discovered in 1877 in Colorado. Stegosaurus means “plated lizard”. It had a small tube-like head, small teeth, and the brain the size of a walnut. Check out more Stegosaurus facts on the following link: http://www.stegosaurus.org/ Slide18:  We have learned about four famous dinosaurs. These are: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus But when did they exist? Let’s look at the following page to compare them… Exactly how old are dinosaurs? Let’s compare them to other animals we know… :  Exactly how old are dinosaurs? Let’s compare them to other animals we know… Examine a Geologic Time chart HERE What happened to the Dinosaurs?:  What happened to the Dinosaurs? There are many different ideas that scientists have about how the dinosaurs became extinct. Some scientists believe the dinosaurs caught an infectious disease. Some say the volcanoes erupted all over the world. We don’t really know for sure. Check this link to find out other theories on extinction. But what does extinct mean? Extinct – Animal breeds that have completely died out. They do not exist anymore. Endangered – Animal breeds that there are very low numbers of. They are in danger of dying out completely. What other animals are extinct or endangered? Some examples are::  What other animals are extinct or endangered? Some examples are: Extinct Caribbean monk Seal Dodo Bird Heath Hen Dire Wolf Stag-moose American Mastodon Mammoths Endangered Puma Jaguar Hawaiian monk Seal Blue Whale Humpback Whale Brown Pelican American Crocodile Learn more about endangered and extinct animals at: http://www.kids.msn.com/kidz/endangeredspecies.asp What did you learn? Use a blank sheet to answer the following questions…:  What did you learn? Use a blank sheet to answer the following questions… 1. Which dinosaur is larger – Brachiosaurus or Triceratops? 2. Carnivores eat ________ only. 3. Which dinosaur had a brain the size of a walnut? 4. T-Rex’s teeth were _____ inches long. 5. If an animal species no longer exists, it is ___________. Click HERE for Answers Slide23:  You have learned about many dinosaur breeds and fun facts. Use the following links to continue your discoveries… Dinosaur Dig-Kid’s Habitat http://www.sdnhm.org/kids/dinosaur/ Children’s Stomping Ground http://www.oink.demon.co.uk/topics/dinosaur.htm Resources:  Resources http://www.zoomdinosaurs.com http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/trex/trexpo.htm/ http://www.stegosaurus.org http://www.kids.msn.com/kidz/endangeredspecies.asp http://www.sdnhm.org/kids/dinosaur/ http://www.oink.demon.co.uk/topics/dinosaur.htm Lambert, D. (1983). A Field Guide to Dinosaurs. Avon Books. New York, New York Hincks, J. (1990). The Rourke Dinosaur Dictionary. Rourke Enterprises, Inc. Russell, W. (1994). Fossils. The Rourke Corporation, Inc. The End:  The End You are official “dino discoverers!” Kelli Plumeri EDU6302

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